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New XF R-Sport Black model added to the range as part of last hurrah for Jaguar's BMW 5-series rival

Jaguar has announced changes to its Jaguar XF line-up, which now includes a new R-Sport Black model and upgrades to other trim levels.

The revisions, which Jaguar hopes will maintain customer interest in the firm's current BMW 5-series rival, come ahead of the launch of an all-new XF, which is due to be unveiled at the New York motor show in April. 

Priced from £38,350, the R-Sport Black costs £2100 more than the standard R-Sport on which it is based but comes with £8770 worth of upgrades.

The R-Sport Black comes with 20in Black Kalimnos alloys, a 770W Meridian Surround Sound system, leather interior, sports seats with memory function and a choice of five paint options.

The model is powered by Jaguar’s 197bhp 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel engine.

All models in the XF saloon and Sportbrake range will now come with the Winter Comfort Pack and Parking Pack as standard, which together include heated seats and windscreen, front parking sensors and a rear-view camera.

Portfolio, Diesel S Portfolio, XFR and XFR-S models all get Blind Spot Monitor as standard, and most models get upgraded alloys.

SE, SE Business and Premium Luxury trims have been discontinued, as have the 3.0-litre V6 petrol and 3.0-litre TDV6 diesel engines.

Full list of XF prices and specs below:

XF Luxury

2.2 i4 163PS Saloon - £33,445

2.2 i4 200PS Saloon -  £34,550

2.2 i4 163PS Sportbrake - £35,945

2.2 i4 200PS Sportbrake - £37,050

XF R-Sport

2.2 i4 163PS Saloon - £34,695

2.2 i4 200PS Saloon - £36,250

2.2 i4 163PS Sportbrake - £37,195

2.2 i4 200PS Sportbrake - £38,750

XF R-Sport Black

2.2 i4 200PS Saloon - £38,350

2.2 i4 200PS Sportbrake - £40,850

XF Portfolio

2.2 i4 163PS Saloon - £37,195

2.2 i4 200PS Saloon - £38,700

2.2 i4 163PS Sportbrake - £39,695

2.2 i4 200PS Sportbrake - £41,200


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XF Diesel S Portfolio

3.0 V6 275PS Saloon - £49,515

3.0 V6 275PS Sportbrake - £51,995


5.0 V8 510PS Saloon - £65,440


5.0 V8 550PS Saloon - £79,995

5.0 V8 550PS Sportbrake - £82,495

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Motormouths 21 January 2015

Roadster, what a load of

Roadster, what a load of rubbish. The XF was far from cutting edge when it was launched, and it's looking incredibly dated now. To call it a class-leader is nothing short of a joke.
Norma Smellons 21 January 2015


What claptrap, the XF is a safety disaster. Hopeless at impact protection and totally outclassed by smaller cars let alone the big-money Germans which trounce it. It sits on the prehistoric Ford DEW98 platform, after all. So slate the Germans all you like, at least they've sorted out the safety angle.
madmac 21 January 2015

Bah! R and Sport with a 2.2

Bah! R and Sport with a 2.2 Litre diesel engine? We have totally lost the plot,all in the name of marketing.A friend recently bought a BMW 335 GT ! WTF ! it is only a hatchback version of a sedan.I think the only company left where GT models mean something is Porsche,but I wonder even about the GTS moniker there.