Honda releases teaser images of 2008 Honda Accord Tourer
24 January 2008

This is the new Honda Accord Tourer, due to go on sale in September this year. The estate-bodied Accord is being used in the spy shots only because it has received a more noticeable redesign and therefore looks more distinctive. The saloon will go on sale before the Tourer in June 2008, with exactly the same front end seen in these spy shots and a rear end only mildly altered from the current car. As these images show, the Accord Tourer concept revealed at Frankfurt show last year is very similar to the production car.Engine options will remain the same, with 2.2- or 2.4-litre petrol units on offer, and a significantly upgraded 2.2-litre iDTEC unit that Autocar drove last year. The diesel Accord will be the most important model in the range, with Honda's oil-burners often setting a benchmark for the rest of the industry. However, all of the engines will be upgraded to meet Euro V emission standards and are likely to be both more efficient and slightly more powerful.

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24 January 2008

It obviously looks great (again): discrete, stylish, tasteful and distinctive, instead of clamarous (as seems to be very fashionable these days - cf. the A4's led daylights and the 3-series fussy front and sides).

With quality and refinement as a given, it will thus again be a great alternative for the mainstream and bourgeois opposition like the (burlesque) BMW 3series, Mercedes C-class and Audi A4 everybody seems to drive these days and of which you see at least one at every corner of every street. Although Honda derves to sell as many as possible, I do in way hope that (at least in Belgium) this new one will be just as exclusive as the current one.

And as I just bought a new one from the outgoing model I'm happy to see the new one's design is an evolution of the "old" one's rather then a revolution.

A very nice car.

24 January 2008

I had the current Accord in sport trim, lovely car well finished and great to drive. The first car to have the auto close tailgate (So why are Mercedes making big noises about theirs on the new C class estate?).

This car from the sneak preview shots looks just as good. Why though, do they not stay with the clear indicators, rather then the orange? they look far classier.

28 January 2008

I'm sure it's a very well-made car. The question is: have they fixed the shortcoming that has blighted every Honda ever made?, i.e. excessive tyre and road noise entering the cabin.

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