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First of three vans to use PSA’s e-CMP platform will spawn a passenger variant
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14 January 2021

Citroën has launched a fully electric version of its Berlingo van, with a 136bhp motor and claimed 171-mile range.

Called the e-Berlingo, it is the first of three electric vans the PSA Group will launch this year - in line with its aim of completely electrifying its line-up by 2025 - arriving ahead of its mechanically identical Peugeot e-Partner and Vauxhall Combo-e siblings.

All three versions will spawn passenger-carrying MPV variants, as is the case with their combustion-powered counterparts.

The e-Berlingo - along with its Vauxhall and Peugeot siblings - sits atop PSA’s EV-compatible e-CMP platform, which also underpins the Vauxhall Corsa-e, Peugeot e-208 and new Citroën e-C4.

It is powered by a 136bhp electric motor and a water-cooled 50kWh lithium ion battery, giving the e-Berlingo an 84mph top speed and claimed 171-mile range. As standard, the battery enables 100kW rapid charging, meaning that the e-Berlingo can be recharged from empty to 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée said: “The Citroën Berlingo van is renowned for its practicality and usability. By adopting the best electric vehicle technology, it now offers professional users a zero-emissions solution.”

To this end, load-carrying capacity is unchanged from the combustion-engined models, with a maximum capacity of 4400 litres and an 800kg payload.

The e-Berlingo offers three driving modes. Normal mode limits power to 109bhp for everyday driving. Eco mode restricts power to 82bhp and reduces heating and air conditioning to preserve energy. Power mode enables the van’s full 136bhp.

Citroën has yet to announce pricing for the e-Berlingo, but orders will open soon ahead of first UK deliveries between October and December.


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ianp55 15 January 2021

I think that an electric Berlingo makes an awful lot of sense if you're a van owner operating in an urban area the claimed range and recharging times would enable to get most of a full day's use of the vehicle with the minimum down time. Will the electric MPV versions of these vans be available here in the UK as well?

adrian888 14 January 2021

Is that range with the van empty in summer or full on a cold snowy day in winter....? Simply do not beleive the range figures are any where near real world usage. 

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