Currently reading: New Citroen Ami Cargo Electric to be sold in the UK
UK customers can place a £250 deposit for the single-seat commercial variant of quirky electric quadricycle

The commercial vehicle version of Citroën's ultra-compact Ami electric quadricycle will be sold in the UK. 

The Ami Cargo Electric has been designed for ‘last-mile’ deliveries and services in urban areas with a payload of up to 140kg. It will retain left-hand drive when it comes to the UK, with the passenger seat replaced by a seven-part cargo-storage module.  

The confirmation comes shortly after Citroën announced that the number of people who had registered their interest in the passenger version of the Ami had reached more than 14,000.

“I'm incredibly excited to see the Ami Cargo arrive in the UK next year.” said Citroën UK managing driector Eurig Druce.

“With more cities across the UK introducing restrictions for conventional vehicles, the Ami Cargo Electric will provide businesses and fleet customers with the opportunity to continue their urban and last-mile operations in a practical, sustainable and cost-efficient way."

It retains the compact dimensions of the two-seat passenger version, measuring 2041mm long and 1390mm wide. The storage module can offer 260 litres of storage, giving a total load capacity of 400 litres.

A new vertical partition, which Citroën claims doesn't limit visibility, separates the driver from the cargo area; and an adjustable modular shelf that can be used for storage or as a desk has been added.

There's also a new two-way adjustable floor that can be raised and locked in a vertical position, plus retainers to house fragile items.

As with the passenger version, the Ami Cargo gets a range of up to 47 miles from a 5.5kWh lithium ion battery.

Interested parties can reserve an Ami Cargo with a £250 deposit from today. The miniature van launched in France in June, with prices starting from €6490 (£5600). Specific launch dates and specification information will be announced at a later date.


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fhp111 27 October 2021

In theory left hand drive would be better for parcel deliveries as your in the right side to jump out and run up to the house, but it looks like you have to open the passenger door to access your payload, which if so just makes it stupid and dangerous

KDsud 27 October 2021
First thing that jumped to mind. Accessing the cargo area from the road side rather than the kerb side is a fatal design flaw in more ways than one.
Andrew1 27 October 2021
It's not a design flaw because it was designed for countries that drive on the right side of the road. Pun intended.
I suppose they can stop on the opposite side, but this will only work when they deliver on small roads...
MrJ 6 May 2021

Boxy little pig, its styling neatly disguised by advertising.

abkq 6 May 2021
Such a clever and playfully styled car always put a smile on my face where the typical hypercar fails to engage conceptually or emotionally.