Facelifted coupe and cabriolet models also get cleaner and more powerful engines
16 January 2010

BMW has upgraded the 3-series coupé and convertible with cosmetic changes to bring the cars into line with the look of the saloon, along with new, more efficient engines.

The exterior changes include new lights, a new grille and splitter, and restyled sill covers. New bumpers make the cars slightly longer.

BMW 3-series coupe and cabriolet official pics

But it’s the engines that feature the biggest changes. The 320d’s 2.0-litre diesel powerplant now has 181bhp, up by 7bhp, and 280lb ft of torque. It’s slightly faster, with a 0-62mph time of 7.5sec, and emits 125g/km of CO2.

The six-cylinder diesel gets the same power increase and a cut in its 0-62mph time, which now comes in just under 7.0sec.

The six-cylinder petrol engine in the 335i is the new single-turbo unit from the 5-series GT; power and torque are unchanged from the previous twin-turbo engine at 302bhp and 295lb ft, but fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are both reduced.

BMW plans hot new 3-series

BMW has also launched a new diesel model for the saloon and Touring ranges. The 318d gets a 141bhp 2.0-litre engine that, in the saloon, gives 62.8mpg and 119g/km of CO2.

Prices for the revised coupé start at £27,485 for the 320i SE, an increase of £1180, and the convertible now starts at £32,095, £835 more than the current car. The price of the M3 coupé has also increased by £1795, to £52,730. All of the revised models go on sale at the end of March.

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16 January 2010

Looks nice, will go well, will handle like a dream. But oh so predictable. Come on Jaguar and Alfa Romeo give BMW something to worry about!

16 January 2010

The prices hikes sound a bit excesive given this is really only some very small changes.

17 January 2010

The E-class coupe/convertible pwn it.

17 January 2010

The e-class coupe looks a lot better than this, imo.

17 January 2010

Does look nice and interesting to see the upgrade in power to 181Bhp same as the ED 320d Saloon. Not suprised prices have gone up BMW have not really increased ther prices over the past year mearly reduce the spec.

17 January 2010

BMW progress seems to be relentless as ever. Makes me wonder what their competitors are doing.

The emissions figures are impressive, but the new 318d almost makes the 320d Efficient Dynamics redundant. Given most 3 series go to company car drivers, all they are interested in is emissions below 120g/km. Ok you get a bit more power in the 320d, but it costs more and the 318d isn't exactly a slouch. Nonetheless sensible upgrades that will keep the 3 series at the top for a while longer.

17 January 2010

[quote TStag]Looks nice, will go well, will handle like a dream. But oh so predictable. Come on Jaguar and Alfa Romeo give BMW something to worry about![/quote]

I agree.

I think an evolutionalry approach is just showing how conservative they have become, I'm not sure if thats good or bad. Time will tell.

Most people won't be able to tell the difference between this and the last model, which means you'll have to think of a colour other than silver, otherwise, how will they guy next door notice that you've bought another beemer? ;-)

17 January 2010

As predictable as ever. The 3 series coupe/convertable's facelift usually comes about 1 year or so after the saloon. Whenever BM launches a new generation 3 series, it is the saloon model that they launch first & follow by the coupe/convertible.

The present 3 series is almost towards the end of its life cycle. This is will be the last facelift before the complete new model comes out. Unveiling of new generation 3 series model end of 2011 & on sale in 2012. That is my guess!

17 January 2010

[quote Richard H]Most people won't be able to tell the difference between this and the last model[/quote]

Isn't that usually the case with model facelifts? Despite the article headline that is all this is, so it's a tad unfair and misleading to refer to it as NEW. There are rarely massive styling changes at this point in a cars lifecycle.

As for the Merc E Coupe, a range starting price difference of around £2,500 between the 320i SE Coupe and the E200 Coupe is not a small amount.

17 January 2010

Overlooking the horrid Bangle-ised parts of the styling, I really do like how the rear light clusters resemble what was on the 8 series. BMW has so much heritage to draw upon in their styling, yet they ignore it on the whole like on the new 5, 5 GT et al


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