Currently reading: New Aston Martin DBX variant is "world's most powerful luxury SUV"
Gaydon previews a new addition to the DBX range that promises a snarling V8 soundtrack

The Aston Martin DBX 707 has been officially unveiled - read all the details here.

Aston Martin has released a second teaser of the new, hotter version of its DBX SUV ahead of its official reveal next week.

The new model, which is scheduled for an unveiling on 1 February and which Aston calls "the world's most powerful luxury SUV", will be the range-topping performance version of the DBX promised by Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers last year. 

The company has yet to disclose how much more potent than the standard DBX it will be, but a 600bhp-plus output is expected, given the existing model packs 542bhp. 

One likely scenario is that the DBX 'S' – as it could be called, in line with traditional Aston Martin nomenclature – will take some 630bhp from a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 running in the same state of tune as it does in Mercedes-AMG's GT 63 S super-saloon.

Previously, it was thought that the DBX could play host to the 5.2-litre V12 from its Aston Martin DB11 and DBS sibling models, but recently spotted prototypes hint at a less subtle engineering overhaul, and an official teaser video hints at a distinctive V8 growl.



The model will be introduced as part of a push to create a comprehensive family of DBX models, much like rival Porsche has done with the Porsche Cayenne. It arrives following the recent launch of a straight-six-powered mild-hybrid model for the Chinese market, and is expected to be followed by additional variants - possibly including a seven-seater and a coupé. 

Alongside a substantial power boost, the new DBX will be marked out from the standard car by way of a chassis overhaul aimed at improving its dynamic behaviour; bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and stickier rubber are among the most likely upgrades.

It will also no doubt sit lower and feature a more aggressive bodykit than the existing DBX, which is more overtly focused on long-distance refinement. 

While the DBX is unlikely to receive Aston's V12, that engine will be deployed in a new edition of the Vantage coupé - the last model to wear the Vantage V12 nameplate - which is also due in the coming months.


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Symanski 24 January 2022

Seems this isn't the car news from Aston Martin that the stock market was looking for.


Price was already down, and took another nearly 10% off again.


Bentayga 24 January 2022

Who will service it when Aston, once again, go bust?

martin_66 24 January 2022
Bentayga wrote:

Who will service it when Aston, once again, go bust?

When was the last time Aston Martin went bust, and all their dealers unable to service cars?  I'm in my 50s and I can't remember.

Peter Cavellini 24 January 2022

Buy what you like?, is there anything wrong with that?, as has been said before, ICE powered Cars aren't going to disappear overnight,and Cars with 600,700,800bhp are sold in minute numbers compared to what you and I drive every Day, so, where's the harm?