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Morgan will offer owners uprated wishbones after a failure during an Autocar test

Morgan has introduced strengthened components for its 3 Wheeler following a suspension failure during an Autocar track test.

In the incident, which took place during Autocar’s annual Britain’s Best Driver’s Car test, the front wishbones were bent and a front wheel was detached.

Morgan’s engineers believe the lower wishbone failed because it had been weakened during previous track use. They said the wishbones’ failure under braking preceded the top and bottom ball joints detaching, which left the right front wheel loose. That grounded the chassis, which seriously damaged the car and made steering impossible.

Morgan says the wishbones are “suitably designed for their intended purpose”, but that if “pushed beyond the limits of normal road/sport driving — ie, track days, off-road driving and accidental high impacts — the wishbones may get damaged”. If they are not then replaced, a subsequent total failure similar to that of our test car’s could occur.

Morgan has since increased the strength of production wishbones by 20 per cent “to allow a larger safety margin to cover people using their cars for experiences beyond normal road driving conditions”.

Morgan has said it will supply new lower wishbones free to existing owners who want them. They will take an hour to fit, but Morgan insists it is not issuing a recall.

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timmi619 13 March 2013

It was great to land on this



James 14 November 2012

Media Culpability

No images? No details? Did you go to a pre-arranged photoshoot without your cameras, ipods or even a single mobile phone?!!!

What, pray tell, is a “suspension failure”. It could not be serious as you have given this vehicle your very highest mark of approval.  If you felt anything was dangerous enough to cause any grief, you are undoubtedly aware you have a culpable duty to report it publicly as clearly as you can. Your report is as clear as mud.

AFAIK, as of last Friday, Morgan has reported nothing to its customers or dealers. Production of the front end has not changed in any way. Can you reconfirm your facts other than relying on what the manufacturer tells you to say?

Carphile 2 November 2012

Autocar responsibility

If something sad happens, I would point a finger at Autocar and the other media self-style "expert reviewers". They claim to thoroughly examine and test vehicles for us and make money for it but they apparently do not have a engineering or production pro even look at the subjects of their reviews. They swallow whatever they are given by the manufacturer and pass it on to the reader as the Gospel.

Even here, with a wheel falling off during usage, they give the subject their top rating! What a world we live in.

As for Morgan, they have never had a recall since 1909, when they were founded. Makes one wonder.