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Budget five-door hatchback goes on sale in Asia and will come here in 2013

The Mitsubishi Mirage, a budget five-door hatchback aimed primarily at emerging markets, will go on sale in Thailand at the end of this month. Described by the Japanese manufacturer as a ‘global compact car’ the Mitsubishi Mirage will be rolled out across other south-east Asian nations before it goes on sale in Japan, Europe and other markets. It will eventually arrive in the UK in 2013, when it will replace the ageing Colt.

The Mirage is a key car in Mitsubishi’s plan to focus on global models for emerging markets and also start offering electric cars. Mitsubishi Motor Company president Osamu Masuko said Thailand was selected as the first market for the Mirage because the country has a strong eco-car program.

“The Mirage is an all-new compact car focused on premium fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions, just right for the times where demand for superior fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness are increasing all over the world,” he said.

At 3710mm in length, 1665mm wide and 1490mm high, the Mirage – which was showcased at last year’s Tokyo motor show – is 115mm longer, 70mm wider and 10mm lower than a Kia Picanto. Light weight and aerodynamic design is key to the Mirage, so expect a sub-1000kg kerb weight.

Power comes from a 1.2-litre engine and Mitsubishi claims fuel economy will be about 62mpg. The Japanese manufacturer aims to sell 2500 examples per month in Thailand.

The starting price for the vehicle is 380,000 Thai Bhat, which equates to about £7700.

Huw Hopkins

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Mondeal 21 March 2012

Re: Mitsubishi Mirage launched in Thailand

PRODIGY wrote:
Yep, I agree. Unless PSA take them over fully and Mitsubishi offer rebadged Peugeots and Citroens like they have already started doing with SUVs

It is the opposite. PSA offer rebadged Mitsubishi SUVs.

The 4007 / C-Crosser had a PSA engine, but everything else is purely Mitsubishi. When my 4007 had a new clutch, the outer box was Peugeot branded, but the actual cluch had a Mitsubishi badge on it.

All the electrics & dash were pure Mitsubishi.

The Special One 21 March 2012

Re: Mitsubishi Mirage launched in Thailand

Any chance of reviving the hardcore high-revving Mirage Cyborg? Maybe not.

Engelbert 21 March 2012

Re: Mitsubishi Mirage launched in Thailand

I would worry about this vehicle's prospects in developed countries. However, very basic, economical and reliable cars are needed in poorer nations. This is where the new Mirage could play a very useful role. In the light of this, we shouldn't be too critical of it. (In any case, it looks far more attractive than the BMW's new 1-Series.) E