On sale September
15 February 2010

Mini Countryman prices will start from £16,000 when the car goes on sale in September.

The Mini Countryman will go on sale with the choice of three petrol and two diesel engines, ranging in power from 89bhp in the One D Countryman to 181bhp in the Cooper S Countryman.

The Countryman is 398 mm longer than a Mini Hatch (at 4097mm), 316 mm wider (at 1789 mm) and 170mm higher (at 1577mm). The Countryman offers 190 litres more luggage capacity than a Mini Hatch with the seats up (a total of 350 litres) and 1170 litres with the rear seats folded flat.

All UK models will be will be fitted with a rear bench seat as standard (which has a 40:20:40 backrest), although buyers can specify the individual rear seat option at no extra cost.

Standard equipment includes air-con, DAB radio, rear parking sensors, a CAT1 alarm, Dynamic Stability Control, six airbags and tyre puncture warning system.

The ALL4 models will cost an additional £1065 for the Cooper D and £1220 for the Cooper S above the standard front wheel drive Countryman versions.

The ALL4 acts as front wheel drive in most circumstances, but when wheel slip on the front wheels is detected or if the car is being driven enthusiastically an electro-magnetic clutch, located on the rear axle, engages drive to the rear wheels.

BMW says that to ‘enable this imperceptible change to the driven wheels a propeller shaft from the front axle is driven constantly and is ready to direct drive forces from the front axle to the rear in lightning time’. The amount of power fed to the rear wheels is ‘infinitely variable between one per cent and 100, depending upon the driving conditions.’

Our Verdict

Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman represents the biggest stretch yet for Mini – for the car and the brand

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Mini Countryman One

£16,00096bhp0-62 mph: 12.7Top speed mph: 109Mpg: 47.9CO² g/km: 137

Mini Countryman Cooper

£17,150120bhp0-62 mph: 10.5Top speed mph: 118Mpg: 46.3CO² g/km:142OTR Price: £17,510

Mini Countryman Cooper S

£20,810180bhp0-62 mph: 7.4Top speed mph: 133Mpg: 44.8CO² g/km:146OTR Price: £20,810

Mini Countryman One D

£17,00088bhp 0-62 mph: 13.2Top speed mph: Top speed mph 105Mpg: 65.7CO² g/km:116OTR Price: £17,000

Mini Countryman Cooper D

£18,810110bhp0-62mph:10.9Top speed mph: 112Mpg: 64.2CO² g/km:116OTR Price: £18,810

Mini Countryman - official details

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15 February 2010

16 - 21K...?

Jeez, you could buy a real car for that!

15 February 2010

It has eyelashes. To whom are they marketing it I wonder. . ?

(Let's face it, its success is a cert)


15 February 2010

I don't see the eyelashes - in which picture do you see them best?

15 February 2010

[quote ThwartedEfforts]It has eyelashes.[/quote]

Aww, bless it... Hadn't noticed them before ;)


15 February 2010

[quote DKW]

I don't see the eyelashes - in which picture do you see them best?

[/quote]In most of the pictures showing the front of the car where the main lights are clearly visible (and use a little imagination).

So it's a surf board loving, tapas eating pedestrian killer that likes to ogle good looking girls on the pavement!

Where do I sign.......


15 February 2010

I see them - a bit heavy on the mascara ...

15 February 2010

89Bhp for a car very nearly X1 size??? Or have I missed something in the press, that really will be a poke and hope car!! If it is a junior SUV then the price is not too bad I await further details..........

15 February 2010

How many meals can you get out of eggs, cheese and potatoes?, with the Mini it seems the good marketeers think we'll by it in any shape, kinda reminds you of a young boy and a box of popular building bricks, he's built a car and is seeing how many different cars he can make.

15 February 2010

why oh why didnt they just leave the mini to the hatch! the convertible looks like a pram and the clubman well enuff said! and now this! the horror!

15 February 2010

Why does one of the pictures show two dead people lying near the car? Not very encouraging , is it?


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