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First new model under Chinese ownership is revealed - and it will be Longbridge-built

This is the new MG6, which has been revealed today at China’s Guangzhou motor show,

The MG6 will be first new MG since the ill-fated X-Power SV of 2002 and it will be produced at Longbridge, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corporation president Chen Hong has confirmed.

See the hi-res pics of the new MG 6MG directors get another £11m

Production of the Roewe 550-based hatchback will start at the Birmingham plant towards the end of next year - the factory recently carried out tests to ensure that the car can be assembled on its lines – although sales of Chinese-built MG6s may start in the UK from next spring.

Development of this MG version of the 550 has been carried out by SAIC’s technical centre at Longbridge, which has been tuning the car’s chassis to suit MG branding.

The MG6 represents a clear break from earlier MG models with a fresh-looking exterior and modern interior – all aimed at appealing to a much younger audience than recent MG models.

At 4653mm in length, 1827mm in width and 1478mm in height, it is marginally longer and wider but slightly lower than the Skoda Octavia.

The engine line-up is familiar, consisting of two lightly updated versions of the 1.8-litre K-series engines (now badged N-series) – one of them turbocharged. Unless they have been significantly upgraded, power outputs will be 133bhp for the normally aspirated 1.8 and 158bhp for the turbo. There is no diesel version.

Like many MGs in the company’s past, the 6 is effectively a reworked version of a model from a sister brand.

The Roewe 550 on which it’s based was largely developed in the UK as well, and uses some Rover 75 technologies, although the two cars do not share platforms.

SAIC claims the MG6’s arrival “marks the start of one of the most exciting periods in the 85-year history of the iconic MG brand, as it prepares to expand globally, starting with the world’s largest automotive market in China”.

Hong said the MG6 is the first of range of contemporary new MG models, including a new entry-level model based on the Roewe 350 that is also planned to get its first public airing in Guangzhou, with the objective of re-establishing the once highly regarded British marque.

In addition, MG unveiled a reworked version of its logo, carrying the the famed Morris Garages (MG) name.




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the bard 26 January 2010

Re: MG 6 revealed

I saw a lot of these 'in the flesh' when I was on holiday in China. They attracted my attention even before I knew what they were. Very impressive!

ja9ae 24 November 2009

Re: MG 6 revealed

If it's cheap and reliable, I think it will make a fine starting point for Chinese cars in the world market. Most modern everyday cars are as dull as hell, at least this one isn't slavered in pointless, tacky details that seem to adorn modern cars.

blowerbentley 23 November 2009

Re: MG 6 revealed

I like the car but don't believe it will be in production at Longbridge in that timescale. Rover were developing a common-rail version of the L-series when they went bust so there's a ready made diesel engine for it.