First new model under Chinese ownership is revealed - and it will be Longbridge-built
Richard Bremner Autocar
24 November 2009

This is the new MG6, which has been revealed today at China’s Guangzhou motor show,

The MG6 will be first new MG since the ill-fated X-Power SV of 2002 and it will be produced at Longbridge, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corporation president Chen Hong has confirmed.

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Production of the Roewe 550-based hatchback will start at the Birmingham plant towards the end of next year - the factory recently carried out tests to ensure that the car can be assembled on its lines – although sales of Chinese-built MG6s may start in the UK from next spring.

Development of this MG version of the 550 has been carried out by SAIC’s technical centre at Longbridge, which has been tuning the car’s chassis to suit MG branding.

The MG6 represents a clear break from earlier MG models with a fresh-looking exterior and modern interior – all aimed at appealing to a much younger audience than recent MG models.

At 4653mm in length, 1827mm in width and 1478mm in height, it is marginally longer and wider but slightly lower than the Skoda Octavia.

The engine line-up is familiar, consisting of two lightly updated versions of the 1.8-litre K-series engines (now badged N-series) – one of them turbocharged. Unless they have been significantly upgraded, power outputs will be 133bhp for the normally aspirated 1.8 and 158bhp for the turbo. There is no diesel version.

Like many MGs in the company’s past, the 6 is effectively a reworked version of a model from a sister brand.

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The Roewe 550 on which it’s based was largely developed in the UK as well, and uses some Rover 75 technologies, although the two cars do not share platforms.

SAIC claims the MG6’s arrival “marks the start of one of the most exciting periods in the 85-year history of the iconic MG brand, as it prepares to expand globally, starting with the world’s largest automotive market in China”.

Hong said the MG6 is the first of range of contemporary new MG models, including a new entry-level model based on the Roewe 350 that is also planned to get its first public airing in Guangzhou, with the objective of re-establishing the once highly regarded British marque.

In addition, MG unveiled a reworked version of its logo, carrying the the famed Morris Garages (MG) name.




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23 November 2009

It looks nice enough, but a little too much like the Proton Gen-2 or whatever its called. Interior looks neat though

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2 October 2012

odd that both the Chinese and Malay brands have similar styling.

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23 November 2009

It looks very generic, Japanese even. As if it was designed by Nissan or Toyota..... maybe that means it will sell?

23 November 2009

It almost looks like Rover designed it... or to put it another way. Chinese car design has just caught up with Rover, still some way to go.

23 November 2009

I realise that in later years MGs had strayed somewhat from their true heritage line being little more than re badgeed Rovers, but this? Really? It's a disgrace, why go to the effort of buying a brand presumably to hit the ground running with a little bit of heritage, then totally trash it on new model number one.

23 November 2009

This already looks five years out of date; it isn't ugly or offensive but it is dull and old-fashioned. And - dare I say it? - where is the MG heritage in the lines? Nothing links this to any MG that has preceeded it. If it came here it would be one of those cars that would sell to older people or, if hypothetically scrappage were still going then, those who had a scrappage-qualifying car (I know it won't but you get the drift).

23 November 2009

[quote Autocar]Styled at SAIC’s UK headquarters in Warwickshire, the MG 6[/quote]


"Better still is that the Roewe 550-based MG 6 has largely been developed at the company's Longbridge engineering centre in Birmingham" - Richard Bremner, Autocar.

so since when is Longbridge, B'ham Warwickshire? is it that Warwickshire sounds so much better, with its middle England, wealthy, rural connotations, whereas Longbridge, Brum is tainted with Red Robbo, the Phoenix Four robber barons and industrial failure? SAIC's Longbridge facility is in fact just by the boundary of leafy, merry olde england Worcestershire.

23 November 2009

If this car is to be sold in Europe it needs a much better choice of engines. And how about a hot version?

23 November 2009

I think it looks a bit dull to be honest, and the otherwise nice orange doesn't help make it any more exciting. Interior looks neat, but it depends on the quality really. But the MG badge? This would be better as a Rover, MG should be a sports car manufacturer.

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

23 November 2009

[quote kairoo]so since when is Longbridge, B'ham Warwickshire? [/quote]

Kairoo, just so you know, Birmingham used to be in the county of Warwickshire before local government reorganisation in the 1970s. So did Coventry and Solihull. That's why you see on the badge of the oldest Land Rovers the words "Solihull, Warwickshire".

I agree, it sounds a bit poncy now to say the Brum is in Warwickshire, mostly because the latter is beautiful and the former is rather a dump.


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