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MG’s upcoming small SUV will also rival the Ssangyong Tivoli; it lands after the larger MG GS
Jimi Beckwith
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27 September 2017

The MG XS will be launched in Britain on 31 October, going on sale as a rival to the Dacia DusterNissan Juke and Ssangyong Tivoli.

The crossover, which has so far been referred to as the XS but will be renamed at its launch (click here to read why), will slot into the MG line-up beneath the GS, with a choice of a 123bhp turbocharged 1.0-litre or a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre engine, based on the one in the MG 3.

Following Autocar's first drive of the XS, UK marketing boss Matthew Cheyne said that the XS will also add new engines to MG's range, with a hybrid and electric version both in the pipeline. These could also be used in the next-generation 3, although that model's UK debut is a long way off.

At launch, the GS's six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch automatic will likely be offered in the XS - both produced in-house at Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

The XS's styling differs dramatically from its larger SUV sibling, receiving the Anglo-Chinese car maker’s new Jaguar-like grille and Mazda-style headlights.

The XS has been styled by SAIC Design, a division of MG's parent company SAIC, with input from its design studios in China and the UK. Its new design language aims to provide the XS with a more upmarket appearance than the GS.


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Cheyne told Autocar that, like the GS, the new car would offer a large amount of equipment for considerably less money than rivals. This strategy could put the car in direct competition with the Ssangyong Tivoli, which costs from £12,950 - nearly £4000 less than the Nissan Juke. The class's most affordable offering is the £9495 Duster.

Following the launch of the XS, MG’s SUV line-up will be completed by a larger SUV, similar in size to the Nissan X-Trail. The brand's UK sales increased by 83% in August compared with the same month in 2016, with its recently launched scrappage scheme and demand for the GS labeled as key catalysts for this growth.

However, the brand's overall market share remains small - it had 4200 registrations last year.

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11 August 2016
I hope mg do well especially if they are supporting British jobs. But I can't see this rivalling anything from Nissan. I can only see people choosing this over say a Dacia product.

11 August 2016
I hope it does well too, but I will reserve judgement until we have seen what it actually looks like, how well it is put together, how sporty it is.

It is still remarkable that a 'sporting' brand is being dumbed down so that it is expected to compete with a very competent established field of good but mundane rivals. If this new model has some real excitement dialled in, that will help.

And it seems most likely that the 1.0 engine will be the three cylinder version of the GM-SAIC co-developed unit seen in some Vauxhalls, Opels and Roewe products. I suspect that rather than Mr Cheyne saying he "couldn't" clarify it seems more likely, surely, that he meant he "wouldn't"...?

11 August 2016
Such a shame that nothing in these MG saloons makes them stand out in the market, especially the interiors. Look back at the Metro, Maestro and ZB Varitone to see what can be achieved with colours, fabrics and materials. People loved the Metro's red seat belts when it first came out.

11 August 2016
Just let it go. The brand is dead, the products are utter shite and there are no customers.

16 November 2016
Just curious to know but have you driven any of the current MG products?

12 August 2016
MG Writer wrote: wasn't long.

If you are referring to my post. What does resurrecting this brand actually achieve? None of its models add value to the market. They do nothing enhance any form of development. They are poorly built and over priced. The MG brand is nothing, it never really has been either. It hasn't been used on anything even remotely noteworthy for decades. Either sell the brand to a company that understands how to use them or let it die.

12 August 2016
Yes, I was. There is probably enough knee-jerk 'oh its shite' commentary on here and elsewhere. It adds to the sense that it mostly pond-life which inhabits the comments pages (certainly the case over at Auto Distress). We can debate the value of the models on offer - the MG3 is actually a nice small hatch, constrained by its engine. Have you driven one? The MG6 was better than it seemed but by now is too old and dead anyway. The MG5 we don't get, but perhaps the replacement may come over here. The MG GS actually drives well too - again, have you driven one, or decided 'its shite'? I'd disagree with you fundamentally on your comment 'It hasn't been used on anything even remotely noteworthy for decades' because cars like the MGB, MGF, MG TF and MG ZT fall into that timespan and they're certainly not noteworthy. But that's just my opinion. I'd love them to awaken to the potential of the brand, but as yet I am not confident they ever will. The likelihood of selling to another company? Personally I might like that (depending on the outcome) but I don't see it happening any time soon. Does that mean it should die? I don't think so. And it isn't either your choice or mine.

12 August 2016
Before anyone says it... MGB, MGF, MG TF and MG ZT certainly ARE noteworthy. Shame that in 2016 we can't re-edit our Autocar comments...

12 August 2016
MG Writer wrote:

Before anyone says it... MGB, MGF, MG TF and MG ZT certainly ARE noteworthy. Shame that in 2016 we can't re-edit our Autocar comments...

Come on 'Dave'? The MGB really wasn't that good, MG ZT was appalling. Okay, I'll give you the MGF, the TF was long outdated and all the models above were built by a company's who were in a desperate state.

Yes I have driven the 3, when my daughter was recently looking for her first car. Terrible build, terrible interior and gods know who developed the thing they call an engine. Not driven any other new models, and have no intention of ever doing so, although I have driven various versions of all the older models you mention.

The brand needs killing off or continuing with a company that understands how to develop it.


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