Currently reading: MG GS SUV seen undisguised in the UK
The MG GS has been spotted ahead of its official debut at the London motor show

MG’s first SUV model, the GS, has been spotted undisguised in the UK, ahead of its official debut in May.

The GS will compete against the Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson and Nissan Qashqai when it goes on sale.

So far we’ve only seen – and driven - the Chinese-market GS, while MG released design sketches in preparation for the GS’s official unveiling.

These latest shots give us our best look yet at the UK market version of the upcoming crossover, the styling of which appears largely unchanged over that of the Chinese-market version.

We can see that the car follows the styling of the CS concept, with similarities between its other MG stablemates, the MG3, MG5 and MG6. So far, we only know of two available engines – 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre petrol units.

The GS is due for its official UK unveiling at the London motor show in May and will go on sale in the UK in June, but its sibling is already on sale in China under another name.

MG is keeping details under close wraps until the model’s launch, so pricing and full specs will not be available until the official debut at the London motor show.

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MG Writer 9 March 2016


I think you're right to a degree, WarrenL, but forgive me if I somehow imagine you bashing your keyboard in rage as you typed that, whilst all the feckless trolls who annoyed you in the first place are chuckling into their beards because they succeeded in getting a reaction. Much of the comment on here is one-liner 'look at me' provocational rubbish; some of the rest is opinionated bias (I too sat in the MG GS in Picadilly; none of the 'bits fell off' and it seemed well made. I have driven both the MG3 and MG6 and they are very competent. But they aren't especially exciting). There is a middle ground here. Most (not all) would agree that MG could be great and is still on a journey - perhaps it will be great again. Quite a few people actually care and that doesn't have to mean they are content with what MG is today. I feel pretty sure that the GS will be the start of a new chapter for MG - it is just that things frankly ought to have been at this point a long time ago.
WarrenL 9 March 2016

I think there's an illness

I think there's an illness doing the rounds. Call it MG Derangement Syndrome. At the sight of a new MG, sufferers foam and fleck at the mouth and hurl pre-programmed bigoted insults at MG. They loudly lament the application of the MG badge being appplied to such rubbish because, of course, the MG badge was only ever applied to superlative cars before those horrible little yellow men craftily purloined it. It's sad to see grown adults behaving like this. SAIC haven't got it 100% right yet, but they're producing and selling their vehicles all over the world, and they're getting better and better. Let's also not forget the fact the cars are designed and engineered in good old England, right under our very noses. Remember "Jap crap" in the Seventies folks? Remember how we all laughed and jeered at Hyundai in the 80s and 90s?
WarrenL 9 March 2016

Don't mind Norma. She likes

Don't mind Norma. She likes to troll her melons all over Autocar.