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Most significant upgrade claimed to be to the 1.9-litre DTi-TECH diesel engine

A revamped MG 6 will go on sale in April, with the most significant upgrade claimed to be to the 1.9-litre DTi-TECH diesel engine.

However, MG has not yet issued full details of the upgraded engine, saying that exact economy and emissions figures will be revealed at the car’s launch. MG has not said whether the current 1.8-litre turbo petrol engine will be part of the new line-up.

In addition, MG says “comprehensive updates have been made to the body styling of the car” plus “interior upgrades and enhanced equipment levels”. MG also claims that “a state-of-the-art navigation system will also set new standards”.

The only picture revealed so far is of a new-look headlamp.

The MG 6 went on sale in the UK in 2011, earning plaudits for its ride and handling characteristics but struggling for sales. At one time, discounts of nearly 50% on pre-registered cars were available.

Matthew Cheyne, MG’s Head of Marketing, said: “This is a totally different car to the original MG6 with a host of new technologies and major advances in every area.

“We will reveal the full story and prices when the car is unveiled shortly. But the New MG6 is a big leap forward from the original car which has been the result of thousands of hours of dedicated work from our designers and engineers.”  



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Peter Cavellini 21 March 2015

What about the..........?

What about a performance Petrol?,a 2Litre with about 230bhp,surely it can't be that hard to get that sorted?
scotty5 20 March 2015

The unsellable MG6

Just who is going to buy it? No private or business is going to put up with such horrendous depreciation. MG6 has gained itself a stigma.

How's this for the worst used car buy wrote:

I live near an MG dealership and the registration plate on a MG6 when the 4dr was launched caught my eye. I won't give the exact registration, just let's say it's a MG6 TSE model.

That car was put on as a demonstrator. It went up for sale approx 4 months after it was registered. That was at the end of 2011, it's been up for sale ever since !!! I've watched over the years as the price has dropped. The dealership lists it as an ex-demonstrator with 2500 miles on the clock, but fails to mention how old the car is. WOULD YOU BUY A CAR THAT'S BEEN SITTING ON THE FORECOURT FOR OVER 3 YEARS ? They've given up displaying a price now. In all the years the MG dealership has been around, I reckon I've seen two or three MG6's in the surrounding area. This just sums up exactly what MG are battling against with any new car they bring to market.. NOBODY WANTS THEM! The public don't want them, a salesman certainly doesn't want one on his forecourt. Unless MG are willing to massively discount their cars, who's going to buy them? I just can't believe they'll ever make a profit in the UK, at least not without the help of another manufacturer - eg Skoda and VAG.

superstevie 21 March 2015

scotty5 wrote:]NOBODY WANTS

scotty5 wrote:

]NOBODY WANTS THEM! The public don't want them

I think the problem is the public don't even know they exist!

rmcondo 20 March 2015

I wonder if it will look even

I wonder if it will look even more modern than a 1997 Toyota Carina E? As we'll never see one, we'll probably never know.