Production car pictures of new Mercedes supercar
9 September 2009

This is Mercedes’ SLS supercar, which stars at the Frankfurt motor show.

The gullwinged-SLS will go on-sale in 2010, with an expected price tag of around £155,000.

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The styling is inspired by the iconic Mercedes 300SL and power will come from a 6.2-litre AMG V8. It produces 563bhp and 479lb ft of torque.

Power will be sent to the rear wheels via Mercedes’ first ever seven-speed double clutch gearbox, which will have four different shift functions.

Mercedes says it’ll hit 62mph from standstill in 3.8sec and 124mph will come up in under 10 secs. Its carbon ceramic discs - 390mm in diameter up front and 360mm at the rear - provide stopping power.

Its luxurious interior is full of leather, aluminium and carbonfibre, but safety has also been considered, with the addition of eight airbags.

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9 September 2009

lord - that's a pig of a car - what were they thinking of? did they get the CAD data from a Nissan GTR jumbled up in there or something?

9 September 2009

That is quite possibly one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen, it looks like they an SLR with an R Class and this is the abortion that popped out. It's certainly got in your face styling, but it lacks any kind of subtlety.

9 September 2009

I think it is nice at the fornt but that is all. Why buy that instead of an aston martin DBS that is better looking by a country mile and just looks great end of. so why has medcedes made this car in the first place it point less and i think AMG power is gone to there heads because after last car that gave us is ever more point less. If it had been british company they would been out bussiness few month ago and then goverment would have to bail them out but it is not and i think new aston martin should kicks this right to the side of the road.

9 September 2009

Funny how these leaked out when the Mclaren pictures were released...

I'll have the Macca...

9 September 2009

Yeah it's pretty damn ugly like a Z-series car...

I'll have a Rolls Ghost and if I'm forced to have a sports car, I'll take a Lambo :-)

9 September 2009

Looks the same as the pictures that leaked out 2 months ago.

Not too bad. Probably look better in the flesh.

9 September 2009

Not a fan, looks like a gullwing dodge viper mk1 with a Merc badge glued to the front.

9 September 2009

This car had better be light, because the Ferrari 458 and McLaren MP4-whatever are providing similar power (considerably more in the Macca's case!) in sub-1400kg bodies for a similar price. Hell, even the comparatively ageing Gallardo combines almost as much power with rather less weight than you'd expect a front-engined GT to have (and you can bet they'll update it within the next couple of years to keep it competitive, as they did with the 2006 revisions after the F430 came out). I remember hearing estimates of 1500-1600kg for the SLS, and that absolutely will not cut it.

I think the SLS is quite an attractive car personally, but the equivalent Lamborghini and McLaren are prettier. And if it turns out to be the runt of the £150k-supercar litter performance-wise on top of that... well, I hope they don't expect it to match the sales of its competitors.

9 September 2009

I have looked at the pictures of this car for quite a while and I cannot find a thing that I like about it. It seems they have not moved the game on in terms of styling or engine spec.

Would you really take this over, ooh let me think......any other supercar???

9 September 2009

[quote Vertigo]the equivalent Lamborghini and McLaren[/quote]

I don't think is a competitor for either of those vehicles. It's about the same price but that's it.

This will compete against cars like the Bentley Continental Supersports and Aston Martin DBS. It's not a supercar.

Reminds me of a Z8. Convertible within 18 months?


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