Price confirmed for new Mercedes supercar
8 February 2010

The Mercedes SLS supercar will cost £157,500.

The first left-hand-drive examples will reach European showrooms on 27 March and UK models are set to arrive in July.

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The SLS is being assembled by hand at Mercedes’ Sindelfingen production facility. The aluminium chassis is built by Magna in Graz, where the Aston Martin Rapide is also being built, and hand-built V8 engines come from AMG in Affalterbach.

Power comes from a 6.2-litre V8 engine, which helps the SLS get from 0-62mph in 3.8sec and go onto to reach a top speed of 200mph. It produces 563bhp and 479lb ft and is set to cost around £155,0

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8 February 2010

And most will end up in the USA,they really love Merc's don't they?, this car isn't inovative, it's a re-hash of previous SL's, it looks very simular, safe even shape wise, i mean you only have to look at Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW and a few others to see where design is going, no, as i said the Americans will love them, even Jay Leno will buy one!

Peter Cavellini.

8 February 2010

Jaguar : XK hardly moving design on (originally the db7 design wasn't it?)

Aston : One shape fits all ala Porsche 911? ( see db7 db9 rapide dbs etc)

BMW: Ok they were innovatuive but look at the new 5 series etc, going backwards.

Yes the SLS is retro and a few areas are a bit unsatisfactory ( I blame European pedestrian crash test requirements for the high waistlines on most new design)

The main criticism here is the price, it was going to be £120k then £130, £140 etc.

Too expensive

8 February 2010

If I had to pick a 2 seat £100000+ Merc to drive for the next 3 years. I will just go for a SL65. Looks better. Just as fast!

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