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Derivatives of German manufacturer's executive saloon get nine-speed automatic transmission, more power and lower emissions
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31 July 2014

Mercedes-Benz has updated the E-class range, with options including a new nine-speed automatic gearbox as well as power and emissions upgrades and new safety kit.

Among the changes is the addition of urea injection to the exhaust system of the E220 Bluetec and E250 Bluetec.

Fuel economy is improved from 61.4mpg to 64.2mpg in the E220 Bluetec saloon and from 47.9mpg to 53.3mpg in the E350 Bluetec saloon, with both featuring EU6 emission compliance.

Economy is also improved on the E300 Bluetec Hybrid, from 68.9mpg to 74.3mpg in saloon guise.

Further up the line-up, the E350 Bluetec receives a revised 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine boasting an added 6bhp at 254bhp along with an updated version of Mercedes-Benz’s newly introduced nine-speed automatic gearbox.

On the petrol side, the E400’s turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine has been replaced by the larger 3.5-litre V6 recently unveiled on the CLS400. Power and torque remain the same at 328bhp and 354lb ft, with the E400 coupé returning 40.9mpg.

Emissions gains mean that CO2 figures have dropped across the board, lead by the E300 Bluetec Hybrid, which emits just 107g/km.

The changes also mean the E350 Bluetec now reaches 0-62mph fractionally quicker than the current car, at 6.4 seconds (down from 6.6 seconds), whicle the E350 Bluetec Hybrid completes the same sprint in 7.1 seconds, down from 7.5 seconds.

Standard equipment on the E-class has also been bolstered by the addition of the Collision Prevention Assist Plus system.

The technology, which helps to reduce the impact of rear-end accidents via visual and auditory warnings as well as partial autonomous braking, will be fitted as standard to all E-class models.

New Premium and Premium Plus packages also add further luxuries to the E-class. The Premium package includes a panoramic glass sunroof, a memory pack, rear split folding seats and a reversing camera on saloon models for £2695. Premium Plus adds keyless go and an upgraded sound system for £3895. On estate models, prices for those packages is £2395 and £3495 respectively.

Price increases across the range now means that the entry-level E220 Bluetec saloon in SE specification starts from £34,270, compared to £32,750 for the older E220 CDI. Similarly, the E-class estate now starts at £36,060.

The upgraded E-class models will be available from September.

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31 July 2014
Perhaps it's just me but E-Class seems to receive updates every few months which says everything. Anyway, whichever way you look at it, the E-Class is becoming ultra expensive which means residuals suffer. Why buy an E when you can have an equally competent car in the class below? (as with A6, Mondeo , 5 series etc) These cars are becoming redundant. And if my past customer experience is anything to go by (Mercedes Benz of Glasgow), you pay a premium for sub-standard service so even that ain't much cop. Personally, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

31 July 2014
than an over hyped BMW or underwhelming Audi. Mercedes cars give you a self satisfaction the other rivals can't even get near. What ever your style there's a Benz for you, and now they just got better.

31 July 2014
Hmmm... They just introduced recently the 3.0 V6, and are already replacing it with a 3.5 V6 with the same output?

31 July 2014
I've been reliably informed that the Merc 7 speed auto is a liability. Why should a 9 speed be any more reliable ? Who on earth would want a 9 speed ? When I drive a six speed manual diesel, I short-shift most of the time because you seldom need 6 speeds. Manufacturers are just chasing low co2 figures, and never mind the practicalities.

31 July 2014
Can't believe you need to spend the best part of 4 grand on Premium Plus to get keyless go. Mondeos have it for gods sake.

31 July 2014
Good Lord. Presumably the massaging seat system would deliver that?

1 August 2014
Norma Smellons wrote:

Good Lord. Presumably the massaging seat system would deliver that?

That and more if you turn it up to 11 lol

1 August 2014
The issue for me was the dire quality of the Mercedes Benz products that I bought and for a premium price. Imagine waiting in line to buy a product that rusted within 12 months of delivery? That was bonkers and they were plain ordinary to drive. Talk about living on their reputation and if Ford or Toyota sold products that corroded in front of you in the late 1990's the motoring press would have pilloried them. Please don't quote the water-based paint theory!!

10 August 2014
Unfortunately my faith in Mercedes has never quite recovered from the early 2000s E class I bought a few years ago. After a couple of years of ownership it was written off due to excessive rust underneath and numerous electrical system failures. I bet I'm not the only one.

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