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New pairing have the same engine as C63 and come in 469bhp regular or 503bhp S guises; prices start from £68,920 for the SUV and £71,410 for the SUV-coupé
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15 August 2017

The new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 is on sale now, priced from £68,920, while its GLC 63 Coupé sister costs from £71,410, with a £6750 premium for the even hotter S models.

UK delivieries are set to commence in September.

Topping out the AMG GLC range is the Edition 1 spec, which, at £90,824 and £93,219 for the SUV and SUV-coupé respectively, adds matte grey paint, ceramic brakes - usually a £4285 option - a performance exhaust and 21in wheels, as well as upgraded interior features including a Burmeister sound system and contrastingly stitched seats. Features that are usually options, such as keyless go, are also standard. 

S models get 20in alloys, upgraded AMG performance seats, an AMG track app and an electronic rear-axle differential lock. A £2755 (£765 for the GLC 63 S models) AMG Driver's package raises the top speed of the GLC AMG and GLC AMG S models to 167 and 174mph respectively.

The powered-up mid-sized SUV twins join AMG’s 48 existing models and take direct aim at the Porsche Macan Turbo and BMW X4 M40i. They're powered by AMG’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine that produces 469bhp and 479lb ft in standard guise or 503bhp and 516lb ft in S models. 

Based on sales of the C63, GLC 63 AMG sales are expected to be split into mostly non-S cars for the standard SUV, while the coupe is expected to be nearer a 50/50 split, according to Mercedes. The most expensive option ticked from the list is expected to be the sports exhaust, as per the C-Class.

The GLC 63 and GLC 63 Coupé are the latest models to receive AMG’s new Panamericana grille treatment, as part of a series of exterior styling elements that help to visually differentiate them from lesser GLC and GLC Coupe models, including the AMG GLC 43 and GLC 43 Coupé.

The distinctive grille, housing vertical slats and Mercedes-Benz’s signature three-pointed start, is incorporated in a uniquely styled front bumper closely resembling that of the recently introduced E63. Further changes include wider black plastic flares within the wheelarches, wider sills underneath the doors and a new rear bumper housing an integrated diffuser element and four trapezoidal chromed exhaust pipes.

Interior changes correspond with those in the C63, with unique instrument graphics, a flat bottom steering wheel, AMG sports seats and various AMG specific controls within the centre console.

By comparison, the twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine used by the Porsche Macan Turbo develops 434bhp and 516lb ft when fitted with an optional Performance Package, while the turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine of the BMW X3 M40i produces 355bhp and 343lb ft.


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The GLC 63 and GLC 63 Coupé come as standard with the newer nine-speed variant of the wet-clutch automatic transmission, as launched on the E63.   

They also get the latest version of the 4Matic four-wheel drive system. The same as that of the E63, the new set-up, which remains exclusive to AMG models for now, uses an electromechanically controlled clutch to connect the permanently driven rear axle with the front axle and provide a fully variable apportioning of drive dependent on grip and traction.

Following the lead of other recent new AMG models, the GLC 63 and GLC 63 Coupé also have a Dynamic Select system, which provides four different driving modes: Comfort, Eco, Sport and Sport Plus. S models receive a fifth mode: Race. As well as providing variable properties for the throttle and gearbox mapping, the Dynamic Select system also provides the new AMG models with a coasting function on a trailing throttle at speeds between 37mph and 100mph in Eco mode.

AMG is yet to provide official acceleration figures for the GLC 63 and GLC 63 Coupé models, though insiders hint at a 0-62mph of around 4.0sec in S guise. Porsche claims a 0-62mph time of 4.4sec for the Macan Turbo Performance Package, while the BMW X3 M40i has a 0-62mph time of 4.9sec.

As with its rivals, Mercedes-AMG confirms a limited top speed of 155mph for its latest models.

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Underpinning the GLC 63 and GLC 63 Coupé is a suspension system that combines the four-link arrangement from the C63 at the front with the multi-link set-up from the E63 at the rear – the latter featuring a wider track and greater negative camber than lesser GLC and GLC Coupé models.

Also included is an AMG-tuned version of Mercedes-Benz’s three-chamber Air Body Control system, offering three levels of damping stiffness: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

We've recently driven the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster on video - check it out:

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5 April 2017
I don't like the Coupe, or any of its ilk. But the regular GLC (unfortunate connotations to this name in the UK), looks quite good if you could optionally delete the fugly 'Panamericana grille'
Cant see the point in the 'S' model, the regular cooking model is fast enough, and there is no getting around the fact that doesn't warrant a 6.3 badge...its is really a GLC 4.0!
'Race' mode on a SUV has to be the most ridiculous gimmick of the year, but otherwise i would say this is a pretty complete package.

5 April 2017
One of the ugliest SUVs made even worse. A remarkable achievement Mercedes

5 April 2017
Judging by the Macan Turbos I see around here, they have amazing engineering yet will be driven by people who have no idea how to actually read the road, overtake and take corners properly because they are too busy on their phones.

5 April 2017
It appears to have a 'go faster' stripe...


5 April 2017
Is it just me or was this article one of the most infuriating things to read? Are you being paid to say "C63 4Matic+ and C63 4Matic+ Estate"? I've counted, because clearly I have too much time on my hands and "4Matic" is used 37 times. In other news, I'd love a Mercedes-Benz GLC 63S 4Matic+, although I think the Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 4Matic is probably more than enough for most people.

5 April 2017
Given Mercedes do not make a C63 4Matic+ nor a C63 4Matic+ Estate, he seems to be paraphrasing the wrong M-B PR materials. Cut and paste on his computer gone bonkers, perhaps?

5 April 2017
"GLC 63 Coupe" Coupe? How can that great fat lump of a five-door SUV be described as a bloody coupe?

5 April 2017
This is another example of Mercedes using a styling cue from car and then applying it to others in the hope it'll work. In this is the case its the Panamericana grille and it doesn't make these already ugly looking cars any better. Other examples, the F1-style nose on the SLR and previous SLK. The 'soft-nose' from the SLS which then found it's way to the current SL, SLK and CLS. Or the rear end styling from the rear of its saloon-based coupes which somehow Mercedes thinks will work on its SUV coupes.

5 April 2017
These are not only hideous, but they're also vulgar looking. Thank God we have the likes of the F-Pace, XC60, Range Rover Velar and Stelvio around to bring style, restraint and good taste to the class, inside and out.

5 April 2017
I agree with most of the previous comments: The GLC Coupe clearly defies the definition of a coupe and both models feature a fugly grill design that really should have been consigned to the bin but the big issue for anyone daft enough to contemplate buying one, is the question of whether on 20 or 21" wheels, either model can execute a low speed turn without violently crabbing anytime it gets below 7 degrees C? Apparently other UK spec GLCs can't (including the GLC43AMG), so it doesn't look promising. Maybe in lieu of a fix Mercedes will just suggest owners stump up some extra cash for winter tyres, rather than engineer a solution. The 'Best or Nothing', yeah sure.


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