Mercedes will be the first car firm to sell a diesel-electric hybrid in 2011
6 January 2010

Mercedes-Benz is poised to become the first car maker to sell a diesel-electric hybrid, following confirmation from chairman Dieter Zetsche that the E-class will get such a system next year.

The new car, to be badged E300 Hybrid when sales begin in late 2011, uses a specially tuned version of Mercedes-Benz’s twin-turbocharged 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine from the E250 CDI.

It combines that powerplant with a brushless electric motor and a lithium ion battery similar to that employed in the S400 Hybrid.

The new E-class will be a mild hybrid, meaning the electric motor is used to assist the diesel engine rather than propelling the car on its own.

However, the economy of the E300 Hybrid is said to match the figures of a typical small car, at more than 56mpg on the combined cycle.

Following its debut in the E-class, the new driveline will then be used in the M, GL and R-classes, as well as the GLK.

Greg Kable

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6 January 2010

hybrid must be the worst word in motoring! a good car ruined in my eyes

6 January 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE] hybrid must be the worst word in motoring! [/quote]

I'm beginning to agree with you. However, from a marketing point of view, it is a magic word.

HYBRID = SMUG SANCTIMONIOUS SAINTHOOD, if you are a yuppie at a cocktail party.

It does not matter what the actual economy or emissions are, if you can say "we have a Hybrid darling", you have a reason to feel superior to all other yuppies present, which is the point of being a yuppie in the first place.

...the band was playing Dixie: double-four time...

6 January 2010

Call me a sceptic but I have this increasing suspicion that the sudden BMW and MB interest in hybrids is largely a result of the new EU corporate CO2 limits being measured by the standard EU 11km urban and extra urban test cycle.

All we heard up to last year from the German carmakers was how diesels were inherently better than hybrids based on their very real success in diesel development.

Now "mild hybrid " is the thing for BMW and MB. I suspect the key word is "mild" because if you can get a just big enough battery in any E class,M class,5 series or X3/5 then you can run the EU 11km test cylce with almost no engine power much of the time so you get a spectaular CO2/mpg result. That isn't just for advertising or the income tax benefits in the lucrative UK company market, it fundementally allows you to keep selling big, profitable cars in the EU at all.

My sceptism will be proved wrong if the Germans suddenly copy toyaota go full hybrid across all their ranges, otherwise......


6 January 2010

I'd have thought this is the size of car that suits being a hybrid, especially in a diesel. Its the sub 30mph work that messes up your mpg so there should be some real world benifit to it. Plus there will be a huge appeal to company car buyers.

In general terms, I think most of the public don't care less about the hybrid stuff too much, its going to become more and more the norm. The politics of it all is a bit annoying, but logically it makes sense to recapture some of the wasted kinetic energy created while driving.


30 August 2010

Anyone know if this car is coming to the UK? The S400 hasn't been sold here so it may never reach these shores...

30 August 2010

I want to beimpressed, but the numbers aren't overly attractive. A normal 3 series gets the same MPG and the ED model gets past it. Even the 5 series is knocking on the door of this MPG.

Should Mercedes just be devloping their normal engines before trying to make this type of hybrid? They are effectively making a hybrid of an already existing and more efficient 3 series.

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