Plus, video of the hottest supercar of the moment
10 September 2009

McLaren Automotive bosses Ron Dennis and Antony Sheriff have spoken about the McLaren MP4-12C on official videos released by the car maker.

Video - Ron Dennis on the McLaren MP4-12C

Video - Antony Sheriff on the McLaren MP4-12C also has a new high resolution picture gallery function - and we're kicking off the system with our exclusive shots of the hottest supercar of the moment.

Click here to see the McLaren MP4-12C high resolution picture gallery

Where possible, all future stories will be accompanied by high resolution pictures, ensuring not only brings you the best informed stories first, but also the finest pictures.

More McLaren MP4-12C details, pictures and videos can be found at:

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Who is McLaren's MD Antony Sheriff?

Chas Hallett blog - inside the McLaren MP4-12C

John McIlroy blog - MP4-12C: subtle can be brilliant

See Autocar's full McLaren MP4-12C picture gallery

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10 September 2009

Well done Autocar, the pictures are great. The Mclaren and Lambo. pictures are pin sharp. I hope all future pictures will be in high resolution?

10 September 2009

Looks pretty doubt it will drive well. Think the nose is a bit generic but otherwise its a great acheivement by Mclaren. I just need Derren Brown to teach me how to win the lottery now...

10 September 2009

Oh wow, thank you autocar!!! I can see the pictures :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a looker it is aswell, understated is the perfect phrase for this car. But it oozes performance irrespectively!

10 September 2009

Very nice... but I'll have a Lambo :-)

10 September 2009

Oh no. The timing of this release has accidentally coincided with the Mercedes offical press release of next years SLS. McLaren must have not realised as surely they would not have done this on purpose...

10 September 2009

I'll have a 458 :-)

11 September 2009

[quote blasos1983]I'll have a 458 :-)[/quote]

I agree - I reckon the best looking Fazz in memory

11 September 2009

Is it me or does this just look like a revied Honda NSX??

11 September 2009

Very nice, and much better than the usual autocar thumbnails, but not since 1998 has 612x405 resolution counted as "high-res"!

12 September 2009

Well done Autocar. Half way there....Car's solution with a larger floating window is better, but I appreciate that you listened to the moans and did something about it. Give yourself a pat on the back!

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