McLaren may be bracing itself for some criticism of the way the new car looks from the outside – too bland could well be the cry from some quarters.

However I doubt that there’ll be one nasty word to say about the MP4-12C’s cabin because it’s brilliant.

McLaren MP4-12C revealed - exclusive details, picture gallery and video

I got the chance to climb in one at the company’s HQ a while back. Admittedly it was only an early car, but I came away thinking that it has the interior of any supercar currently on the market - and there’s a good chance I’ll still be saying that when the Macca goes on sale in 2011.

There’s nothing flashy about it, in the way that you can get with Ferrari or Lambo cabins. But it’s extremely classy and very comfortable. Most of the major controls are grouped around you (and vaguely reminiscent of the switches in the McLaren F1) and the bulk of the heating, sat-nav and audio controls all work brilliantly from a central screen in the dash. In fact, think large i-Phone and you won’t go too far wrong.

Getting in is fuss-free too. The dihedral doors slope and away, leaving masses of room to slide yourself in. And when you’re hunkered down in the seats, there’s a pleasing combination of snugness and space. Plus a surprising amount of space to store things.