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New stop-start system to ensure 104g/km CO2 for 2.2-litre diesel Mazda 6

The all-new Mazda 6 range, which goes on sale in the UK in January 2013, will feature an innovative power storage stop-start system. There will also be a new coupe variant, effectively replacing the MX-6 that ended production in 1997, alongside the saloon and estate.

The set-up will help ensure that the powerful, 2.2-litre, Mazda 6 SkyActiv diesel will have a Co2 rating of just 104g/km. The new Mazda 6 was previewed at the recent Tokyo motor show by the Takeri concept.

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Know as i-ELOOP, the set-up is based around a series of capacitors, mounted behind the nearside headlamp, which can store electricity in the same way as a battery. The system also uses a variable charge (12v-25v) alternator and a DC/DC convertor.

When the driver of the 6 Sky Activ lifts off the accelerator, energy from the car’s momentum is turned into electricity by the alternator and stored by the capacitors. It is then run through the DC convertor and stored in the car’s battery. This ‘free’ energy can then the used to power the vehicle systems such as the headlamps and air-con when the car’s engine is in ‘stop’ mode.

The energy in the i-ELOOP’s capacitor pack is deployed for the periods when the driver is accelerating. The alternator is de-clutched, so the engine is not using energy to generate electricity. Instead, the power needed to drive the car’s systems is again taken from the capacitor pack.

Mazda engineering sources told Autocar that, further into the future, larger capacitor packs will be fitted to the company’s vehicle to ‘aid acceleration’. The i-ELOOP will be fitted as part of Mazda’s new SkyActiv technologies.

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sportwagon 7 January 2012

Re: Mazda 6 gets advanced stop-start

I read somewhere that for a start-system to work effectively you need two batteries, one to power the starter, one to power everything else. This seems a very elegant alternative, and appears to be well worked out and shows that Mazda are one of the world's most innovative car companies. On the other hand, I wonder if it will make any difference in the real world rather than an artificial test in a laboratory. Either way we will be paying the price for it and Mazda enginers may well be missing the opportunity to make other advances of real practical value by being diverted along a probable blind alley.

Flash Harry 6 January 2012

Re: Mazda 6 gets advanced stop-start

Its good to see Mazda.along with the rest of the Japanese car industry making a comeback.Im a little fed up with hearing about Audi,BMW et al every day.No offence meant :)

Johnny English 6 January 2012

Re: Mazda 6 gets advanced stop-start

If a 2.2 diesel can manage just 104g/km, how about a 2.0 diesel with 99g/km for the UK market?

Bring it on, Mazda...