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Swiss firm shows off its version of the new luxury four-door

Swiss tuners Mansory has shown off its design study for the new Porsche Panamera.

The four-door saloon is the second Porsche to get the Mansory treatment after the Cayenne. The firm has traditionally concentrated on restyling British models, but it has recently turned its attentions to models including the McLaren-Mercedes SLR and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.

See the hi-res Mansory Porsche Panamera pics

Although only limited details about its Panamera package have been confirmed by Mansory, it has shown off its new aero package for the car, which includes new high-strength polyurethane and Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon components.

Mansory has also reduced the ride height by 35mm and fitted new 21-inch wheels all round. The firm has also included a new sports exhaust system, but no performance figures have been released.

Inside, a full leather interior features, with trim options including, wood, varnish and carbon. Aluminium pedals also feature, as does a new sports steering wheel.

No prices or on sale dates have been confirmed for the Mansory Porsche Panamera.

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jl4069 20 October 2009

Re: Mansory's Porsche Panamera

Is this really a story that Autocar, evo, performance car etc really need to cover? What benifit does this story give to Autocar? Shouldn't their be some editorial decision making? Everything needs to be here?

Its getting to the point that anything related to Porsche is a prominent story on this site.

Well I'll be sure to look out for a company that is putting toilets in the back seats of Panamania's , and have a "press release" out to Mr sir Cropley asap, looking forward to the story. J

TegTypeR 20 October 2009

Re: Mansory's Porsche Panamera

That's one of the better looking attempts at styling the Panamera, even if these are just computer generated pics. The flared arches reduce the slab sided look of the standard car.

However, whilst it looks better, it also looks cheap and something that a styling company based in a shed could have produced. Not sure what that says more about, Mansory or the Panamera.

jelly7961 20 October 2009

Re: Mansory's Porsche Panamera

Still got a big bum