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LC600h will be the “car that most captures the essence of what Lexus is all about"
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21 October 2010

Lexus is set to launch a luxurious coupé-cabriolet version of its next-generation LS executive saloon within the next five years, according to company insiders.

Lexus sources see the luxurious sports car as the “car that most captures the essence of what Lexus is all about: performance, luxury and the environment, more so than any Lexus model to date”.

See Autocar's exclusive rendering of the Lexus LC600h

The new coupé-cabrio is being pitched as a successor to the now discontinued SC. Dubbed LC600h and rendered here as a coupé-only, in production it will be a rival for the Mercedes SL, complete with a retractable metal roof.

It will use a shortened version of an all-new platform currently being developed for the next-generation LS, itself due for launch in 2014.

The performance will come from the LS600h’s petrol-electric powertrain, comprising a V8 petrol engine and a hybrid transmission, featuring two electric motors and an epicyclic gearbox. This is the same system that’s also set to find use in Lotus’s luxurious new Elite and Eterne models.

See spy pics of the new Lexus IS and GS models in testing

In the all-wheel drive Lexus, the powertrain will be tuned to produce a combined power output well in excess of 500bhp and be capable of covering the 0-60mph sprint in less than 5.0sec.

Despite the explosive performance, the LC600h should manage a CO2 emissions figure of less than 200g/km and be capable of returning more than 35mpg.

Described as being developed “in the shadows” of the next LS, the LC600h’s chance of reaching production by 2015 looks promising and is only likely to fail should there be another economic global downturn.

“If we don’t get any more nasty surprises on the economic front, then any time after 2015 might be the right moment for the LC,” said a Lexus insider.

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18 October 2010

I'm beginning to dislike the fashion for slitty-eyed headlights crammed onto over-sized wheel arches as if collided.

18 October 2010

I'm finding it hard to get excited about a maybe in five years' time car. That being said, have they finally buried the manatee-on-wheels SC? Hallelujah!

18 October 2010

Looks good, if a bit 240Z and 350Z -ish. Is that a side exhaust I see there, a-la McLaren SLR? Toyota/Lexus has never had a build quality problem, so if they can banish the jelly-mould issues of the SC430 they could well have a winner on their hands.

18 October 2010

I'm seeing Z4 coupe in this. The propotions are very BMW-like.

Damn, they can fit another V10 in that nose alone.

18 October 2010

From the wing mirrors back is a carbon copy of a Morgan - look at those flared sills and wheel arches.

18 October 2010

Danny Bahar you must have seen this coming, same engine Lexus quality bye bye Elite

18 October 2010

It's an Autocar sketch, not a Toyota design. Read the text carefully. It's also why it has "" down the side of the car.

18 October 2010

Information has only been released by Lexus on this car to help drum up interest on their 'sporty' version of the CT200h hatch.

18 October 2010

[quote disco.stu]It's also why it has "" down the side of the car[/quote]

If it was a picture of an actual car it would still have "autocar" on it. Each mag watermarks its own shots, whether they're renderings or spy pics.

24 October 2010

Sorry guys, 5 Years is a long way away - who knows what will happen then? Feel this car will be for North America and not Europe/UK

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