Two new Lexus saloons scooped testing at the Nurburgring for the first time
8 October 2010

Lexus has started testing the next-generation IS and GS saloons at the Nurburgring, ahead of launches in late 2011 and 2012.

Scooped together at the same test sessions at the ‘ring, the two models are being developed as variants of the same platform, just like the current model.

See the spy pics of the Lexus IS and GS models

Hidden under the disguise body panels of today’s models, are the new running gear and platform dimensions, which are understood to include a wider track, but similar wheelbase for the IS and a slightly stretched wheelbase for the GS.

With the new CT hatchback entering the range below the IS, there’s understood to be room to push both models up-market in tems of cabin space and overall dimensions.

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Engines are tipped to mirror today’s cars, with the GS majoring on the V6-powered petrol hybrid, with capacity tipped to go up to 4-litres, while the IS could add a four-cylinder petrol-based hybrid.

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8 October 2010

I'd rather own a Volvo, they are more exciting.

8 October 2010

No , you just wouldn't, these are an improvement on the previous models, they've lost the ditsy rear lights and smoothed them out a bit, and they do have noticable diferences you can see with your eye, a Volvo? don't you need a Labrador first to buy one?, just kidding!!!!.

Peter Cavellini.

8 October 2010

So, this is the new IS mode;lelg,welfsdlf;sdfls

Sorry about that, just fell off my chair mid-type with excitement at the pictures of the "new" IS.

8 October 2010

Looking head on, does anyone else think the IS looks like a Seat?

8 October 2010

Hope they get the styling right. The current IS is a handsome cars, but the rest of the range... yeesh. Especially the new CT.



8 October 2010

[quote tuga]Hope they get the styling right.[/quote]

I'm not sure the styling has ever been the biggest issue. I'm a happy Lexus IS200 owner, it's a cracking drive and very comfortable over distances. I really like the over engineering that means my 10 year old car doesn't have a single squeak from the interior. However I can't escape the fact that the engine, whilst being nice and smooth and sounding good when pushed, just isn't powerful enough for the 30mpg I get when I take it easy.

It seems to be a running theme with Lexus the cars a great, but the engine just isn't powerful enough, or isn't as economical as rivals for the power it produces .


8 October 2010

[quote memyselfandi]It seems to be a running theme with Lexus the cars a great, but the engine just isn't powerful enough, or isn't as economical as rivals for the power it produces[/quote]

Funny that - surely the whole idea of hybrids is to provide an advantage in terms of the performance/consumption ratio. I know the IS200 isn't a hybrid, but the same could be said about their other engines too. Time for a good V6 turbodiesel Lexus, come on, even Infinity have finally managed it now. Lexus are the only major player not to have one, which is a reflection of the fact that non-American markets aren't so important to Lexus.

Sales will keep it that way too unless they sort out that V6 diesel ... 250 BHP and 380 Lb/Ft will do it, they can make the damn thing out of pig iron and concrete for all I care, it'll still be lighter than a hybrid battery pack, use up less luggage room and cause less harm to the environment.

8 October 2010

7 comment's so far, wow with these car's Lexus is really exciting people

8 October 2010

Must admit that without the tape I'd not have given them another glance. Still, in my book the styling ain't broke so doesn't need fixing. A bit of nip and tuck never does much harm - on cars anyway! Can't say the same for plug ugly CT200h, though the flyer in this week's mag makes it look passable. One to see in the metal maybe?

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