A Japanese brochure has revealed the full styling and some tech specs of the 2017 Suzuki Swift, as well as pricing and fuel economy
Jimi Beckwith
19 December 2016

The 2017 Suzuki Swift will gain a mild hybrid powertrain, according to a leaked Japanese brochure showing the full specification of the car.

2017 Suzuki Swift launched – new Fiesta rival gets hybrid option

The hybrid model, badged 'Hybrid RS' appeared in the brochure, confirms Suzuki's sharing of powertrains across its range as the hybrid also features in the Baleno. However, a Suzuki UK spokesman couldn't confirm if the variant would make it to the UK. Brochure images appeared on forum pages of a car fan site.

The brochure also confirms that the Swift will be available in both two and four-wheel drive, and states the official Japanese fuel economy figures for both the 1.2-litre mild hybrid and standard, 1.0-litre-engined Swifts - 77.4mpg and 56.5mpg respectively. 

In Japan, the Swift will start from around £9100 according to the brochure, although UK pricing is likely to be slightly higher than this. The entry-level current-generation Swift starts at £9249. 

Our Verdict

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift may not be as well finished or as spacious as some rivals, but its aggressive pricing makes it an attractive option

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The Swift previously leaked in an image that has surfaced on a car-leak-themed Facebook page.

Although fairly grainy, the previous image revealed the car's complete front-end styling, which matches design sketches that leaked out from Suzuki earlier this year. It also shows the body beneath the camouflage of the test car that we spotted a few months ago.

Just like those images, the production car has a dominant front grille with a body-coloured strip across it, swept-back headlights and what appear to be the diamond-cut alloy wheels depicted in the leaked design sketches. 

The stubby length of the door and the same design features as the leaked sketches suggest that this is a five-door Swift and further fuel speculation that the next Swift will be a five-door only. Suzuki's next Swift is slated to share engines with the Baleno and Ignis, including the 1.0-litre Boosterjet and 1.2-litre Dualjet. 

The previous leaked photos confirm Suzuki's intention to continue making a warmed-up Swift Sport variant, with alloy wheels, aggressive styling and dual exhausts. 

We expect the next Swift to go on sale in the UK in summer, after a likely reveal at the Geneva motor show. 

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8 December 2016
There is a hint of Audi to the fascia. Yes to sleeker nose, but what about the side (which looks similar to the current-gen) and the rear (which suspiciously... similar)?

de_design2  l  Exclusively Bespoke®

10 December 2016
I think the front end styling has a hint of Jaguar F-Type about it!

Also, with VW still teasing the Up! GTi rather than actually launching it (and not sure they will now after the impact of "Dieselgate"), I've got fed up waiting so the new Swift Sport will be a fine alternative.


Everyone has a right to an opinion - don't confuse that with insulting your mother :-)

19 December 2016
gavsmit wrote:

I think the front end styling has a hint of Jaguar F-Type about it!

You've actually got a point there!

19 December 2016
That front end has the same vaguely vacant/ doped eyes expression as the just announced Fiesta and the current BMW MINI. The first of the 'modern wave' of cars was a cool and funky thing, and now it seems like, with every subsequent revision (this will be the third) the design becomes less and less well resolved. Pity.
The car-buying public gets what it deserves, unfortunately ...

19 December 2016
Suzuki might be on a roll, go past loads of Celerios each day and now seeing a few Balenos. If this comes in at sub £10k with alloys and air-con, it might sneak in the top 10. Take the body kit away and it might look less appealing though.

19 December 2016
She "who thinks she should be obeyed" has a current Swift Sport and it's such a hoot to drive, and inexpensive to run, that the easily scratched plastics can be forgiven.

Hope this new one (with, according to her, "added sad puppy dog face") is just as good to drive as it's at the top of her list when replacement car time comes around next year.

19 December 2016
Coming hot on the heels of the Ignis, Suzuki are really on fire with the latest Swift, looks great will no doubt be very competitive on pricing should sell by the shed load. Just thinking what the Sport version will be like makes heart beat faster,bring it on.

20 December 2016
Disappointed. Whatever happened to the fresh clean looks of the previous 2 generations (a la Skoda Fabia)?

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