Currently reading: 2017 Suzuki Swift spied ahead of Geneva reveal
The fourth-generation hatchback will make its debut at Geneva next year; three-door model could be axed
Doug Revolta Autocar
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26 July 2016

The 2017 Suzuki Swift has been spotted testing ahead of making its debut at the Geneva motor show next year.

2017 Suzuki Swift launched – new Fiesta rival gets hybrid option

The fourth-generation hatchback is expected to be lighter and smaller than the 935kg Baleno, which it will also share some engines with.

The 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine will be carried over to the new Swift. It's likely the 1.4-litre unit will be used for the new Swift Sport, but the manufacturer is yet to confirm if the 1.2-litre Dualjet would be used. Suzuki also remains tight-lipped on the prospect of hybrid technology being used on the model in the future.

The spy shots show the car’s evolution to a more grown-up design than the current Swift, despite the similar features, such as the 'floating' roof. The majority of the changes have taken place at the front of the car, where there's a new nose with a hexagonal grille and large air intakes. The headlights are also new, and mirror a similar design used on the upcoming Baleno.

Inside the new Swift, there's an upgraded interior, but the model in these shots does not have a touchscreen infotainment system previously shown in leaked design images which also showed its Swift Sport counterpart. Suzuki says the next-generation Swift will be as generously equipped as the current model.

The dimensions of the next Swift will be very similar to the current generation in order to avoid any encroachment on the Baleno, which Suzuki describes as the more practical choice, with the Swift as the 'emotional' choice. The spy pictures show a five-door variant of the Swift with hidden rear door handles and, with that model accounting for the vast majority of sales, it is possible that the three-door version could be axed from the range.

There's no word on official pricing yet, but if the car loses a three-door variant then it's likely the entry-level Swift will be pricier than the £8,999 for the current base model. Suzuki says it will remain competitively priced, though.

Production of the 2017 Swift will start by May next year; a public debut is slated for the Geneva motor show in March.

The Swift Sport will come up to a year after the standard supermini is launched.


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Suzuki Swift

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18 March 2016
...the more they stay the same.

Car styling appears to have regressed to the same low as in the very early '90s when a lot of cars were looking the same (bland and uninspiring; think Montego, Rover 216, Mk3 Cavalier, Bluebird etc.) until Rover broke the chain by re-adopting their traditional grille.

The problem now is a lack of imagination - "let's have an Audi style grille" (Hyundai, and now Suzuki); a floating roof (Vauxhall Adam, Renault Captur, New Astra) high-shouldered rear quarters (Nissan Juke, Ssangyong Tivoli, new Swift) - and on it goes.

Can we have some free-thinking design, please?

18 March 2016
Nothing original there. That floating rear pillar affectation on modern cars is starting to annoy me already. Why copy it? The front end is very Hyundai i20. Are we supposed to be excited?

18 March 2016
Absolutely agree. Car design has hit rock bottom. See the Jaguar XJ thread on Ian Callum.

18 March 2016
Agree with the above comments:the impractical concealed rear door handles and already clichéd D-pillar treatment are indicative of a failure of imagination on Suzuki's part. Shame, after the handsome Mk1 and its doppelganger, the Mk2.

18 March 2016
Nissan must have flogged them the kit as a reward for something. Sad thing from a maker who was always that bit different previously

18 March 2016
On a bit of a roll at the moment, Swift, Vitara, SX4, Jimny and Baleno all bar the last two get great reviews (Jimny loved by the people who count, the owners).

18 March 2016
Rear door handles being concealed (as per current Renault Clio, and Mk2 SEAT Leon)might suggest that no 3dr option will be available, but this makes no sense if the new Ignis and Baleno are marketed at the same time. Suspect it will look better on the road and age quite well again, just needs a 5 year warranty.

20 March 2016
Having a great history of making fun and quirky econoboxes, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles, it's sad to see how much Suzuki has deteriorated to the point that they no longer have just one memorable or notable model.
The Swift has been such well known model in the 80's and 90's with models ranging from frugal to fun and peppy (GTi). This new Swift model is just an uneventful mish-mash of trendy car design elements: large gaping Audi-like shield grille, floating roof panel, and a very generic looking interior which lacks in character in any way.

Suzuki is leading the way for a small vollection Japanese car companies that don't see the importance of innovation, engineering, and original/distinctive design. Mitsubishi will most likely follow...

20 March 2016
I think its a big shame if there's no 3-door version, too many manufacturers are deserting this format. I like,and only need, a small car, but with long legs and a back problem, I find the very short doors of 5-door versions really awkward to negotiate. Manufacturers reckon they're filling every niche, and offering more choice than ever, but they're failing to cover some of the more basic options.

26 July 2016
At least the styling retains the town car essentials of good visibility with a reasonably upright 'A' pillar and biggish rear window. So no need to tick the box for front/rear parking sensors and reversing cameras. ;-)


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