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Head of research says a hybrid future is likely

Land Rover could be set to benefit from the hybrid technology shown off in the Jaguar Limo-Green concept.

Limo-Green has been billed as a one-off concept, but JLR has said it could become a production reality when the cost of its electrical components and battery technology comes down.

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Jaguar's Limo-Green concept car

It uses an electric powertrain, which can run on pure electric power for up to 30 miles. A 1.2-litre petrol engine recharges the battery and extends its range to 600 miles once the batteries become empty.

“It is possible that future Land Rover models could get the technology as well,” said Anthony Harper, JLR’s head of research. “It is certainly something we are looking into and forms part of where we would like to go with the brands.”

Harper said Land Rover is more concerned with developing regular hybrid technology for now, while hybrid technology becomes more mainstream and affordable.

“We are looking into more conventional hybrid technology at present,” he said. “With Land Rovers, you need to be able to get lots of power and torque to all four wheels and you can’t do that for long periods at the moment.”

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