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New Hard Top variant touching down later this year in short- and long-wheelbase forms
James Attwood, digital editor
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30 June 2020

Land Rover will revive the Hard Top name for the forthcoming commercial version of the new Defender, with the firm promising the new machine will offer “a unique combination of cargo space, practicality and comfort”.

The Hard Top moniker was first used by the British brand in 1950, when a removable roof was introduced for the Series 1 Land Rover.

The new commercial Defender will launch later this year in three-door 90 and long-wheelbase, five-door 110 forms, with pricing starting from £35,000 plus VAT.

The Defender Hard Top is being developed by Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division. While the fim has yet to reveal full technical information, it says the machine is designed to offer maximum cargo space, while maintaining the premium features from the passenger versions of the new Defender.

Both 90 and 110 Hard Top models use independent coil-sprung suspension, with electronic air suspension optional on the larger model.

Both have 291mm ground clearance, while the 110 offers maximum approach, breakover and departure angles of 38deg, 28deg and 40deg respectively, along with a 900mm wading depth. The ability to ford deep water is further aided by a special Wade mode as part of the Terrain Response 2 system.

The Hard Tops also have a 3500kg towing capacity, and will feature a range of systems to make towing easier. That included Advanced Tow Assist, which allows drivers to steer trailers using the rotary dial on the centre controle.

Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations boss Michael van der Sande said that the interior of the Hard Top was designed to “maximise the functionality and usability” of the cargo area, using “tough materials and clever storage solutions to ensure it surpasses the capability of any previous Defender Hard Top”.

To maximise cargo space, the cabin doesn’t keep the second or third row of seats, but it will offer the option of a ‘jump seat’ that allows three people to sit in the front row. Land Rover's ClearSight rear-view mirror, which can show images from a HD rear camera on the rear-view mirror, will be available to make reversing easier if a full load in the cargo bay is limiting visibility.


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As with the standard Defender, the Hard Top features Jaguar Land Rover’s latest infotainment and driver assistance features, including the latest version of the firm's Pivi Pro infotainment system. This will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatability, and the ability to receive wireless software updates.

The system also works with a Land Rover smartphone app, which can be used by businesses to remotely check the location, fuel level and journey history of their vehicles.


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30 June 2020

More in the spirit of the late Defender excepted for the price. With the Ineos Grenadier reveal tomorrow it will be interesting to make the comparison between the two.

30 June 2020

If this is being developed by SVO then it's not a serious mainstream variant. A crew can variant (with a second row of seats) would be nice but the Defender is not really a working vehicle anymore.

30 June 2020

*cab* not *can*

30 June 2020
scrap wrote:

If this is being developed by SVO then it's not a serious mainstream variant. A crew can variant (with a second row of seats) would be nice but the Defender is not really a working vehicle anymore.

Lol, it all sounds like marketing bollocks - the crew cab version with rear seats is basically a normal 5 door with a different name.

30 June 2020
The two tone reminds me of the creamy colour of the canvas in the really early models.
Clever design touch.
Reasonably priced too.
I like it, a lot.

30 June 2020

With "Just Saying".

this is a nice design touch, much more reminiscent of the original Defender, and at what seems to be a very reasonable price.

By painting all of the rear panel, they have got rid of that stupid square piece of painted panel which was stuck on the side windows, which had clearly been put there to fool the public by hiding a design which was just wrong.

I look forward to seeing these on the roads - I live in Sussex, a county in which it is impossible to drive anywhere without seeing various Land Rovers!

30 June 2020

I did mention a year ago about a pick-up version, well almost. Looks good too, but will look better when cover in mud and dents 

30 June 2020
Surely to compete with the hilux etc of this world you need rear seats ? Many of those types of vehicles also double as family transport, so LR cutting out many potential sales.

30 June 2020
Looks so much better and more purposeful without the floating A & C pillars.
The front end appears to have been simplified and works better too.
The basic spec Defender should look like this.


30 June 2020

Thankfully the LR Hard Top manages to look much less pretentious than others in the range.

Tomorrow will see the Grenadier launch, so I'll be able to compare the two, and maybe even think about a purchase.


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