Cadillac's new flagship model on sale in the US early next year
2 December 2009

This is the new Cadillac CTS Coupe, which will go on sale in the US in the spring.

General Motors says the CTS Coupe will form the centrepiece of Cadillac’s line-up, as the firm aims to appeal to a younger audience.

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The CTS Coupe - launched at today's LA motor show - is almost identical to the 2+2 concept car from the Detroit show in 2008. It shares the same wheelbase as its saloon sister car, but sits 51mm lower and is 51mm shorter. Only the instrument panel, centre console, headlamps, front bumper and grille carry over from the saloon model.

Just one engine will be offered at launch: a 3.6-litre direct-injection V6, which produces 300bhp. It is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, but a six-speed auto with steering wheel-mounted shift buttons is optional.

Other standard features include sports performance brakes, a limited-slip differential and StabiliTrak, Cadillac’s advanced electronic chassis control system.

Standard equipment includes 14-way adjustable Recaro sports seats, sat-nav, Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity, a rear-view camera and keyless entry.

The firm has confirmed a high-performance V version will be launched later in 2010.

Cadillac is currently reviewing its strategy for Europe, and no decision on whether the CTS Coupe will be sold here has been made.

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Our Verdict

Cadillac CTS

Latest Cadillac offers a premium interior and decent driving dynamics, however the CTS can't compete with its German rivals in Europe

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23 November 2009

So that's where the pressings for the Nissan Primera's rear end ended up.

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

23 November 2009

Is it not a warmed over Monaro Chassis? If so whats the issue with RHD?

23 November 2009

Looks different and very individual. I like it.

23 November 2009

- i love it and want one! I am glad cars are coming out that are more and more like concept cars (unless you are BMW of course!, if you are BMW you have "snooze" design)

23 November 2009

I like it. Not often I say that about a car built in the US of A.

Caddy really need to hurry up with their new diesel engine though.

2 December 2009

I did really like this when it was first shown, can't remember when now...but it's one of those will it/won't it cars that's been around too long. It looks old now, like the whole 'edge' thing has moved on. I think they'll sell for rarity, but GM missed a trick delaying this for so long.

2 December 2009

[quote Zeddy]So that's where the pressings for the Nissan Primera's rear end ended up.[/quote]

That's what occurred to me as well. Will this be any more successful ?

2 December 2009

I like the look of it, sorta like a robocop futuristic bruiser of a thing. The interior looks cosseting too.

2 December 2009

its a stunning car but its obviously not going to sell! like the other cadillac models! i hope im wrong cos it is stunning! but unfortunately bmw merc and audi have the market that cadillac are trying to enter sewn up

2 December 2009

Although the detailing is hideous the proportions work well. I hope the good people at Jaguar are paying attention. We were promised an XF coupe years ago.


It also comes with a manual transmission. HINT HINT Jaguar!

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