Currently reading: KTM plans wilder X-Bow
Souped-up version of Austria's KTM X-Bow track car could pack 280bhp

Motorbike maker KTM might have Caterham and Ariel looking over their shoulders with the KTM X-Bow track car, but it’s already planning an even wilder version.

The company is currently in negotiations with Audi to use the 260bhp S3 engine, which has larger injectors and larger intercoolers. If given the green light, this could mean a 280bhp X-Bow R within two years.

On sale in the UK later in 2007 from selected Audi dealers as well as KTM’s UK base in Brackley, the regular X-Bow will cost €40,000 plus VAT (around £28,000 with taxes), and will use Audi’s 220bhp 2.0-litre TFSI engine. In a car that weighs 700kg, that should mean 0-60mph in 3.9sec. Cross-drilled Brembo disc brakes will stop the X-Bow from 60mph in 33 metres (similar to a Porsche 911 GT3).

KTM is planning to release a tuning package that will increase power to 250bhp, and the firm is planning a one-make race series in the UK.

After the X-Bow’s official unveiling at the Geneva motor show, KTM took 600 confirmed European orders, convincing it to move the car from a limited run to full-scale series production.

Jon Quirk


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