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One-off special edition, built for Simon Cowell, is painted to match 007's For Your Eyes Only wheels
Felix Page Autocar writer
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5 March 2020

Silverstone-based David Brown has unveiled a one-off version of its modernised Mini Remastered, inspired by the Lotus Esprit from the 1981 James Bond film: For Your Eyes Only. 

Purchased by music mogul Simon Cowell, the special edition is painted in a distinctive maroon and copper livery, complete with stripes and bold ‘Turbo’ emblems. As with the Monte Carlo version of the standard car, the wheel arches and roof are painted black. 

The brake callipers are black, too, and sit behind a set of bespoke 13in alloy wheels, designed to replicate the classic sports car’s BBS items.

Although the decals would suggest otherwise, under the bonnet is the same naturally aspirated A-Series engine from the original Mini, albeit bored out to 1330cc and producing 83bhp. Power is sent to the front wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

Inside, the one-off car receives a wood-panelled dashboard, wood-rimmed steering wheel and white leather upholstery. The standard David Brown upgrades – illuminated Smiths dials, 7in infotainment touchscreen, smartphone compatibility and six-speaker sound system – also feature. 

The firm did not confirm what Cowell paid for the special Mini Remastered, but it’s likely to be in excess of the standard car’s £90,000 list price, given the bespoke paint job and interior. 

Last year, David Brown unwrapped the limited-run Oselli Edition of the Mini Remastered, which offers a 40% power boost courtesy of a revamped exhaust and air intake system. 


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5 March 2020

I mean, seriously, just.......why?

5 March 2020
I agree!
Mark you, what car would you have built if you had a purse the size of Mr C!

5 March 2020

I would have an original Lotus Esprit Turbo, identical to the one from For Your Eyes Only (my dream car and which will be in my garage after the Lottery win!).  I would take it to a specialist and have it stripped down and completely rebuilt/restored, so it is as good as new.  It would robably cost less than this ridiculous mini too!

i suppose there’s no accounting for taste.

5 March 2020

It looks cool, its got a cool backround behind, BUT FOR GOODNESS SAKE DO SOMETHING TO THE ENGINE. Could you not get an old mini of autotrader and strip the interior out and add a few decals fro ude 20 grand.

At least give some decent power ir something to make worth even half of the 90 grand price tag


6 March 2020
It's a fun car, a toy for somebody who already has everything else. It's not supposed to be serious. It just has to look cool and be fun to drive. Mission accomplished.

But yeah, I would have bunged on a turbo.

5 March 2020
100% not news.


5 March 2020

All kinds of wrong in pretty much every way. But mainly just pointless. 

5 March 2020

 Yes, not close to an original Mini, but not over done,and, Eric Clapton had a Ferrari built to his spec.

5 March 2020
Pete, mate, what are you smoking tonight? Those words are random.

5 March 2020

Eric Clapton had a brand new car designed and built especially for him.  He did NOT get an ancient car and have it tarted up to attempt to look like something it isn’t.

Hardly a valid comparison at all Peter.


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