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Showdown between the luxury saloons

The new Jaguar XJ has been pitted against the Mercedes S-class in the latest Autocar head-to-head.

Writer Matt Saunders pitted the Jaguar XJ 3.0D Portfolio LWB against the Mercedes S350L CDI for the test.

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Saunders first gets behind the wheel of the S-class, concluding that it is unflappably stable. "it consumes long distances with breathtaking calm," he says. "Its steering is weighty, a little inert but perfect for performing unhurried,, sweeping lane changes.

"And its throttle and brake pedal allow you to mete out just enough acceleration or stopping power to deal with traffic lights without disturbing the stillness on board."

The next morning he's handed the keys to the Jaguar XJ.

"It explodes your expectations of what a big Jag saloon should look like," he says. "It's a fresh and attractive take on a luxury four-door that's as graceful as it is athletic-looking. Aesthetically the Jag XJ has got this contest sewn up."

The interior is just as good: "It's one of the most special cabins of any British saloon of teh past 20 years - Bentleys and Rolls-Royces included."

Comfort sat in the back is the next test. "In the Jag you feel very slightly more confined than you do in the back of the S-class. But there's still generous space to stretch out . The rear bench is fixed, so your seating position isn't as adjustable as it is in the Merc, and although you have seat heaters and coolers, there are no massagers."

The Jaguar XJ's ride also impresses with its "pleasingly controlled high-sped compliance". The Merc beats it on cobblestones and sharp ridges, though.

Behind the wheel, and the Jaguar again defies expectations. "It's unexpectedly responsive and agile," says Saunders. "While Mercedes has engineered in a softness to the S-class's major controls, the XJ's are sports car sharp."

That's not to say the XJ can't be driven smoothly, though - it does 'comfy and laidback' extremely well too.

Out on a challenging bit of road, and with the dynamics set to sport, the XJ excels. "getting back into the S-class and driving down the same piece of road feels like stepping back in time," notes Saunders. "Where the XJ felt poised, eager to please the driver and always willing to go faster, the S-class is unwieldy and unwilling."

Where the Merc does exceed expectations is with all its toys and impeccable material construction, its unerring motorway manners and a more pillowy low-speed ride.

Spec matched, the Merc is almost £2k more expensive.

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The conclusion? The Merc is refined, luxurious and effective. But the Jag is a paradigm-shifter. It can be plush and soothing one moment, composed, precise and entertaining the next.

To read the full comparison buy this week's Autocar magazine, on sale now.

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RobotBoogie 29 March 2010

Re: Jaguar XJ v Mercedes S-class

Seen a lot of XJs on the M40 and A38 now and it is a car with huge presence. Not exactly beautiful but striking and desirable, from the front and the back. Did cross my mind that the C pillar was blackened specifically so they could unblacken it for the facelift...

...Autocar - any chance of Photoshopping us an XJ with a body colour C pillar?

stavers 29 March 2010

Re: Jaguar XJ v Mercedes S-class

507 wrote:
The Jag has a Ford engine! For this kind of money one certainly wants more than american rubbish under the bonnet. Anyone who has dismantled a Ford V8 knows how crude it is regardless of optimistic spec sheets

Well, first of all this is the 3.0L diesel so it's a V6 not a V8. Secondly, the engine was designed in Europe in a collaboration between Ford (Europe) & PSA. Thirdly, I wouldn't call a twin sequential charge, double overhead cam 3.0L V6 running around 2000bar fuel pressure crude (& working next to the building where they're made they certainly aren't crude in pieces!).

The petrol V8 engines in these cars (AJ133), and indeed the AJ engines in the predecessor, are designed by Jaguar and built in Wales. So it's not a 'Ford V8' at all! These engines are also overhead cam with variable timing & all plenty of other goodies.

All-in-all, you're shouting your mouth off without knowing much.

But a new luxury Jag with a Ford engine would surely be better than a Jaguar supercar with a Metro engine, wouldn't it...?

zthomasz 29 March 2010

Re: Jaguar XJ v Mercedes S-class

HQ wrote:
The car is getting raving reviews but there are some complaints over harsh ride and an unpractical navigation system (a curse from the Ford days)...

The nav is a huge improvement on the one in the xf. Although it is admittedly a tad bit slow and fiddly.