Full Jaguar XJ range details and prices
21 January 2010

The new Jaguar XJ range will cost from £53,775 when it goes on sale in April.

The XJ range kicks off with the 3.0 diesel in Luxury trim. There will be two other models; the 5.0 V8 and the Supersport, and all models will be available as a long-wheelbase car.

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The long-wheelbase diesel starts at £56,685, while the V8 costs from £64,355. Only two Supersport models will be available; the regular car costs £87,455, while the long-wheelbase increases the price to £90,455.

That’s still cheaper than the long-wheelbase Mercedes S-class, the 600L, which costs £106,960.

It also indicates that an new XJR would be likely to cost over £100,000, making it the most expensive Jaguar since the XJ220.

Jaguar XJ price list

3.0 diesel Luxury £53,7753.0 diesel Premium Luxury £57,2753.0 diesel Portfolio £64,2753.0 diesel Luxury LWB £60,1853.0 diesel Porfolio LWB £67,1855.0 V8 Premium Luxury £64,3555.0 V8 Portfolio £71,3555.0 V8 Premium Luxury LWB £67,3555.0 V8 Portfolio LWB £74,3555.0 Supersport £87.4555.0 Supersport LWB £90,455

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Our Verdict

Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is a thoroughly modern luxury saloon, and a brilliantly capable one

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21 January 2010

Lucky for Jag the banks are paying the big bonuses again then.

21 January 2010

Went to see the new XJ yesterday and have to see it looks great. I was not sure the back end worked until I finally got to see it for myself. The car looks very different from the usual luxury box, i.e the S-Class or A8.

I had an older XJ, which was great and was more than capable of keeping up with my friends Boxster on country roads, perhaps says something about the driver but it was excellent. I hope the new model drives as well

However, it won't tempt me out of my XK.

One area of concern however is the pricing structure, the lower level models seems fairly well priced, which is where the bulk of sales will come from, but £90k and £100k I'm not sure. Jaguars are usually very well priced when you consider the standard spec but this seems high.

21 January 2010

No No No. don't reply to this it's a duplicate post. Go to the original Jag to cost £53K.

22 January 2010

Lets just hope they do come out with the XJR. Mercs have their AMG S-class, BMW have their 7 series M-sport and we need a XJR in our British Flanks :)

The XJ has always been a class car. while the others look too german, not so imagnitive and personally to me "not" so posh feeling, the XJ wins the day again. I remember reading an article about this new XJ and one Bentley owner who saw the XJ said there is no reason to buy a Bentley now, which puts this car into context. I just hope as part of their future plans they come out with a V12 limited edition like the XK V12 and XJ V12 and a Diamler XJ V12. V12 with Jaguar is a marriage made in heaven and any Jag enthusiast will know it will be a big seller and one for the garage under wraps that will be a collectors one day.

Jags just have a character of their own which sums it all up and why big BHP like the germans doesn't really mean anything to a Jag owner becuase its not what Jags are best known for, its their heritage, history, brand, and the cool looks of the jags of the past that were different to any car on the road.

I reckon only the Brits and Italians can design good looking beautiful cars as the germans lack passion and too boring, if only the reliability was up to scratch then i'd buy a Alfa Romeo!

22 January 2010

[quote Autocar]The new Jaguar XJ range will cost from £53,775 when it goes on sale in April.

Are there two £53,775 XJs ?

22 January 2010

I see the earlier errors have been corrected. Good.

Having said elsewhere that the car is beginning to grow on me, a further look at the photos made me change my mind again!

The front - I don't like the way the gap between the bonnet and the grille is so obvious. I've noticed this on some other new cars too. Is this down to their using fewer parts to make the car? Anyway, it just looks ill-fitting.

The side - I don't like the thick body/thin window look. I don't like the rear/side view, with two 'steps' down from the roof to the boot. I don't like the C pillar of course.

The back - I don't like the general look of it. The lights don't look right. Actually nothing there really looks right. It could be an unsuccessful Lancia design...

Other than that, I did like the road where the pics were shot. Does anyone know where it is?

I do hope the Jag is a success. It is different. It is still made in UK. So for those reasons, I hope it succeeds. The pricing suggests it will.

22 January 2010

Why make the 'C' pillars black instead of body coloured? Apart from that I rather like the design.

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