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Seven XFs patrolling across Staffordshire, Mercia and the West Midlands

The first Jaguar XF police patrol cars have taken to the roads.

The police-spec XF S diesel is fitted with a roof-mounted light bar that has 3600 blue flashing lights, while further lights are integrated into the standard front and rear lighting systems.

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A Home Office-specification electronics pack ensures that the additional lighting and communications equipment are fully powered. Beyond that and the addition of a police livery, the cars are standard.

The first batch of seven Jaguar XF S diesels are now patrolling motorways across Staffordshire, Mercia and the West Midlands.

Nick Stafford

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dipdaddy 29 April 2010

Re: Jaguar XF police car launched

if i see this XF police car on the motorway i'd speed just to get caught and have a chance to sit in the back of one of those beauties and say "do you know how lucky you are!!". Joking aside :D.... its good we are buying British. At least this way we are supporting our economy, businesses and their employee's who are paying UK taxes only to go to other foreeign countries' businesses. Despite this "European Union" I very much doubt it German or Italian Police would want to buy Jags, even they support their own economy becuase its tax payers money they are keeping within their borders to drive their country forward, f**k the EU it has its place when needed. Italians i think i have mostly seen driving Fiats, Lancia's and Alfa's.

david RS 28 April 2010

Re: Jaguar XF police car launched

In France the cars are often hidden particularly down the descents or behind the bridges.

They park now during a day normal cars on the side with automatic cameras.

Lee23404 28 April 2010

Re: Jaguar XF police car launched

tannedbaldhead wrote:

Scusi. Non capisco perche sono Inglese.

Capisco. Come di una notte nella prigione?