Jaguar's MY2016 XE gets a host of technology upgrades, including a more advanced infotainment system and all-wheel drive for the first time
Darren Moss
18 November 2015

The Jaguar XE has been updated for the 2016 model year and will now be offered with the option of all-wheel drive, as well as Jaguar's advanced InControl Touch Pro infotainment system.

The all-wheel drive system, which will be available initially with the 178bhp 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel engine, is capable of sending torque to the front wheels on demand, making the XE "a true all-weather sports saloon,” according to Jaguar.

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The same system - which uses a transfer case with a multi-plate wet clutch and a chain drive to the front propshaft - is already in use on the XF and will also feature on the upcoming F-Pace SUV. The system is only available on XEs equipped with Jaguar's eight-speed automatic transmission.

The new AWD system works with Jaguar's Intelligent Driving Dynamics software. First seen on the F-Type AWD last year, the system can use data from the XE's sensors to continuously change the axles it sends torque to.

All-wheel-drive versions of the XE also get the option of Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR), which replaces the current Rain, Ice and Snow driving modes. The AdSR system works at any speed, automatically adjusting the throttle, transmission and stability control systems to suit surface conditions. Drivers can also tailor the car's throttle response, transmission and adaptive dynamics systems with Jaguar's Configurable Dynamics.

Meanwhile, there's a new, larger infotainment system, dubbed InControl Touch Pro. The system, which replaces the standard 8.0in touchscreen interface with a larger 10.2in display, is already available on the larger XF. It features sharper graphics and more functionality than the standard InControl system.

Our Verdict

Jaguar XE

Jaguar's first attempt at a compact exec saloon is good - very good. But can the XE hold off the BMW 3 Series and Alfa Romeo Guilia to retain its crown?

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The InControl Touch Pro system uses a 60gb solid-state drive for storage and features a customisable home screen, multi-windowed display modes and a dead-reckoning system that uses the car's location and heading to determine navigation data even when the GPS signal is lost. The system also functions as a wi-fi hotspot, allowing up to eight devices to be connected at any time.

Other new features include an adaptive speed limiter that can increase or decrease the speed of the car automatically depending on the speed limit, while a new Lane Keeping Assist feature provides minor adjustments to the car's steering to keep it in lane. A driver monitoring function is also new.

Jaguar has also revealed an app for the Apple Watch, allowing owners to check their car's fuel level, location and climate control settings remotely, as well as remote starting the engine.

The MY2016 Jaguar XE is available to order now, with first deliveries planned for early next year. Prices start at £26,990.

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18 November 2015
And it also comes with a CD slot for the first time! Digital media luddites rejoice!

18 November 2015
...wasn't the XE launched only months ago? If I had recently taken delivery of one I'd be pretty hacked off that an updated model was already available to order. JLR has previous form in this regard: the Discovery Sport was launched with an old (Ford derived?) 2.2 litre diesel engine which was then quickly replaced by the Ingenium 2.0 litre unit.

18 November 2015
So it's 2016 model year at the start of the article and 2017MY at the end?


18 November 2015
@Daniel Joseph - All they've done here is add a few options, being AWD and some more expensive infotainment options. The standard spec cars are no different. As an XE driver myself I'm not sad that I didn't wait as wouldn't have specified any of the new options, tempting as they may be.

The next big change, some time next year or 2017, will be when they introduce the ingenium petrol engines. By all accounts though the current Ford petrol units are excellent, so not quite the same story as the Disco sport.

As for 2016 vs 2017, assume this is for 2016 deliveries, which in 'industry' speak makes them MY17 (or maybe MY16.5) cars. Never understood why the model years run 6-12 months ahead of the real calendar.

18 November 2015
I know exactly why MY is used in that way (I used to work in the industry)

My point is that it says MY16 at the start and MY17 at the end...not the use of the term itself

Don't we have editors anymore?

18 November 2015
make all these options available at launch, its new technology to the company, and the XE is based on the same platform architecture as the XF, so its not as if they have had to make adaptations to it either. Smacks of bad planning and taking the customer for mugs.

The problem is, they are not whats really important, expanding the range to include a coupe and an estate should have been the first priority, or will we have to wait until just before the end of its cycle for that to happen, like the previous X-Type and XF.

18 November 2015
They are launching what is ready, and refining the other options behind the scenes. These can then be launched when ready, keeping the product in the news, while attracting the attention of new customers. They all do it. The current BMW 3-Series didn't get X-Drive from launch, or the M3/M4 version until later.

I would love their to be a coupe XE, but I suspect JLR turned their limited resources to making the F-Pace instead, a car that will sell in higher volumes, thus better profits. Once the XE has established itself, then I can imagine a coupe would be considered, perhaps into the next generation model plan. Audi only introduced the A5 in the last generation car, after 2 generations without one.

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21 November 2015
Jesus, who listens to CD's in 2015? Why not put a tape deck in there just in case?

21 November 2015
winniethewoo wrote:

Jesus, who listens to CD's in 2015? Why not put a tape deck in there just in case?

Lots of people still have and listen to CD's especially early 30's to middle aged folks (you know the type of people who can actually afford to buy and run a new Jaguar) so why not have CD player so long as contemporary formats are also catered for?? Or do you think that Jaguar where targeting 19 year old's with the XE??

21 November 2015
People who think 299g/km CO2 emissions from a 400 ish bhp car in 2015 is totally acceptable.


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