Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover to recruit 5000 this year for tech push
JLR has developed an app as part of its recruitment process for 5000 new recruits by the end of the year

Jaguar Land Rover will recruit 5000 new people to the brands by the end of the year. 

The brands’ latest drive for new tech talent will add 5000 to its global 40,000 employee pool, and part of the recruiting process is a code-breaking challenge in its latest software, embedded in the app featuring the band Gorillaz, with which JLR is partnered.

Eventually, the 5000 people will be working on software systems, cyber systems, app development and graphics performance - suggesting that the roles are not just in Jaguar’s driverless programme, but in other dimensions of its tech operations, too. 

A clue as to which specific category of cars the jobs will focus upon is revealed in the app; in the recruitment gameplay, users have to assemble an I-Pace. This suggests that more advanced cars are the focus of the drive, as JLR continues to develop its driverless technology. Although 5000 jobs are planned to be created, only around 1000 of them will be electronic and software engineers.

Following stories of a lack of talent in driverless and autonomous tech development, Jaguar looks to diversify the pool of talent, as well as the ways in which it is reached, by launching the more youth-oriented recruitment programme with Gorillaz. A JLR spokesman clarified that although young people were more likely to reach the app-based element of the recruitment drive, it’s open to all above the age of 16. 

Jaguar Land Rover had no further details on the nature of the other 5000 jobs on offer, but the 1000 software engineer roles are not necessarily UK-only. 

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chandrew 20 June 2017

Not necessarily 5000 more people

From what I read elsewhere (FT) JLR were committing to recruiting 5000 more people, not increasinging their headcount by 5000. This was due to a shift in the skills they need.

It is quite possible that they could have no increase in headcount and still hire 5000 new people if they at the same time got rid of 5000 people.

There is a shift underway which will mean far fewer jobs for folks specialist in traditional drive trains and far more for people with the needed EV skills. My guess is that they're going to reduce the headcount in these former areas. It's happening across all firms in the sector. Investment is easier to find if you're involved in EV or automation, and hard to get if you're specialist in combustion.

S2bear 20 June 2017

They need to

It would probably take about 5,000 techies just to fix the infotainment system on their current model lineup.
jonboy4969 20 June 2017

S2bear wrote:

S2bear wrote:

It would probably take about 5,000 techies just to fix the infotainment system on their current model lineup.

Shows how little you know - the new infotainment system on the Velar is second to none - its amazing in its simplicity and overall useage - I know, i have ordered one, and spent a load of time with it

TStag 19 June 2017

JLR really are pouring in the

JLR really are pouring in the resources to take on the German big 3. I don't really see anyone else matching this level of investment.