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Energy efficiency technology, showcased on i-flow concept, will reach Mondeo rival

Hyundai's forthcoming Ford Mondeo rival, the i40, is to get much of the energy efficiency technology showcased in the firm's radical i-flow concept at Geneva.

The concept has an 'intelligent' grille that controls the amount of air cooling for the engine, regenerative braking, a thermo-electric generator around the catalyst that provides power for ancillary services and an insulated engine that should retain enough heat overnight to restart the next morning at 40deg C.

This will greatly reduce fuel consumption caused by the frictional effect of cold oil.

See the Hyundai i-flow gallery

Hyundai expects these technologies to gradually make their way into the i40, which will be available with stop-start from launch.

The key elements of the design that will appear in the i40 — due to be launched in the UK in March 2011 in estate form first — are the hexagonal grille and the two sweeping lines over the front and rear wheels.

Chief designer Thomas Burkle looked to the success of South Korean Samsung in his drive for Hyundai's new design language. "Originally they were just making electronics, but now they’re challenging Sony," he said. "Hyundai has a reputation for making cars that are reliable. Now we need emotions."

The estate will be followed six months later by a saloon which has "coupe rather than hatchback" styling, according to Burkle.

Hyundai is also considering selling both cars in Korea, where the appetite for cutting-edge European designs is growing strongly. But the final decision will depend on the balance of European sales and plant capacity.

Ed Keohane

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Uncle Mellow 10 March 2010

Re: Hyundai's i40 to go hi-tech

Autocar wrote:
The concept has an 'intelligent' grille that controls the amount of air cooling for the engine,

Jensen did this in the 541 model in the 1950's. Funny how what goes around , comes around.

Peter Cavellini 10 March 2010

Re: Hyundai's i40 to go hi-tech

Steady on old boy!,granted it would be great if half their innovative ideas made it into a production car,but you and i know that these bright bobbles of delight won't see the light of day till the global recession is over!, so much of what is promised by car makers that people don't believe what's said nowadays, this car looks great but it'll never see a road in this form, will it?.

fuzzybear 10 March 2010

Re: Hyundai's i40 to go hi-tech

Yes I have to admit its a nice surprise to see something so outlandish and attractive. Im surprised Seat didnt do this to the Exeo. VAG must be rolling in it. Im sure a totally reskinned car even if its based on the old A4 must have been possible.Well i guess Hyundai /Kia are rolling in it too. Lets hope they put some of this money and confidence into daring designs like this that actually make it to the consumer. We need some mid size futuristic cars for our roads before it gets polarised between 4x4 heffalumps and tiny tin supermini's.