New Small Concept revealed at Delhi motor show
5 January 2010

Honda has unveiled a low-cost city car concept at the Delhi motor show.

The car, which is expected to be built in India and Thailand, is currently being referred to as the "New Small Concept" and being built under the codename '2CV'.

Honda has said only that it will be powered by "a small engine", but sources sugest it will be offered with 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre petrol engines.

Honda Small car Concept - official pictures

Honda has committed to selling the car in emerging markets "before 2011", and insiders have suggested a modified version could be sold in western Europe after that.

The new Nissan Micra is being developed in much the same way; it is the first car to be built on a new global small car platform, designed to be cheap enough to build and sell in developing markets but also sophisticated enough for Western Europe.

The Honda will cost around £6800 and be a rival for cars including the Micra, Toyota Etios and Maruti Swift.

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5 January 2010

I think a car of this size would be the perfect addition to Honda's UK range, and this looks good from most angles, but i think the window line on the hidden rear doors is a bit questionable. Outside the developing world ( where a whole family needs to fit in) i dont understand why a car of this size would need rear doors anyway. Surely in the west its only a city car.

But i would like to see them build it, and sell it here as an interesting alternative to the Aygo/107. And a quick version of something this small would be very welcome!

5 January 2010

A good looking little car and being Honda should be bullet proof for reliability and give great fuel economy.


5 January 2010

I agree - I like it - although the rear 3/4 view looks a bit like an R-Class Merc that's been in a boil wash (and that C-pillar can't do anything for rear passenger vision).

I'd be interested to know exactly how big this car is.

5 January 2010

[quote Myk]and that C-pillar can't do anything for rear passenger vision[/quote] It's OK - no-one needs to reverse in the "emerging markets". Oh, wait a minute... Looks alright, but wish car makers could come up with some way of designing a "stylish" car with rear 3/4 visibility.

5 January 2010

This could be a rather good alternative to a EU market 107/C1 or Aygo and Splash type city cars...

Could be a car that gets a lot more people into brand Honda... And being built in the countries mentioned, costs of producing it would be significantly less than either Japan or UK, so no excuse in overpricing it.A basic Jazz is about 10k so this could be about 7k-9k dependent upon spec and in EU trim?

A sweet reving 1ltr or 1.2 honda is not going to cost a lot too run,insure and maintain...3dr for the youngsters (with sporty go-faster Mugen accessories) and 5dr for the oldsters with knitted seat options and kettle feature!

5 January 2010

I LIKE. If Honda put this into production and sold it over here like that, it would sell - LOADS. However, knowing it's meant for India etc, it'll be watered down a la Suzuki A-Star was watered down and we ended up with the dull little Alto. Hope Honda make it as close as possible to the concept!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

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