Currently reading: GM city car will go upmarket
Company bosss says buyers willing to pay for a top-end supermini

GM’s new city car will offer a high level of finish and sophistication, according to new Vauxhall/Opel boss Nick Reilly.

The car was inspired by the 2004 Trixx concept car, but development was shelved until Reilly revived the project. He said that buyers are now willing to pay more for a city car if it’s well finished and sophisticated and offers a wide choice of options, as shown by the Mini, Fiat 500 and Toyota iQ.

“We’ve learnt how to make money on small cars in Asia,” said Reilly, referring to the Korean-developed next-generation Corsa platform that is likely to underpin the car.

The company is confident that it can turn a profit by using this chassis combined with higher list prices and more option sales. A battery-electric version is also planned, which will be the firm’s first pure electric model.

Reilly also said that GM can avoid the need to co-develop the car, in contrast to Fiat and Ford (Panda/Ka/500) and Toyota and PSA (Aygo/107/C1).

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artill 7 April 2010

Re: GM city car will go upmarket

fuzzybear wrote:
They could stick a Hummer badge on it? Could call it the Hummer Ranchero, with an Airmatic damper system to raise ride height and 4 mini electric motors at each wheel to make it 4wd. That would give it its own USP , Sort of like a go-anywhere microcar :p

I like the idea. Give it a big Hummer style chrome grill, but i would call it the Hummer Tonka

humphrey the pug 7 April 2010

Re: GM city car will go upmarket

Renault tried the upmarket small car with the Twingo when it was launched in the UK, it failed miserably.

You need a USP, which the Twingo doesn't have, the 500 is cool to look at and the options are vast, the i-Q is technically different and plays on it's environmental credentials, the MINI is like the 500.

What will this GM offering offer?

Best to stick with what you know and are good at, you will only fall spectacularly.

artill 7 April 2010

Re: GM city car will go upmarket

up market is a relative term. If everyone makes upmarket cars nothing changes. Just charging higher prices doesnt make you up market (Ford).

I dont think GM are well placed to market anything as up market and they would be better sticking at what they do best, offing decent value for ordinary stuff.