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The new Nissan X-Trail, which shares its platform with the Qashqai, will start at less than £25,000; seven-seat option to be offered, too
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11 April 2014

The all-new Nissan X-Trail will cost less than £25,000 when it goes on sale in May, while range-topping models will cost just over £30,000. Three chassis configurations will be offered, along with five- and seven-seat options.

The X-Trail will initially be offered with the same 1.6-litre turbodiesel as fitted to the new Qashqai, which develops 130bhp. The 1.6-litre DIG-T from the Juke Nismo will be offered after launch, but for this application power output will be reduced from 200bhp to 160bhp in an effort to increase economy.

Nissan says around 45 per cent of buyers will choose a front-drive variant, with a similar number opting for four-wheel-drive models. Around 10 per cent of models will be fitted with Nissan’s X-Tronic CVT transmission driving the front wheels.

In front-wheel-drive guise, emissions are rated at 129g/km, rising to 135g/km and 139g/km for X-Tronic and four-wheel drive models. Fuel economy is said to be around 57, 55 and 53mpg respectively.

The sleeker styling is a direct effort to attract current Qashqai+2 owners, a model that is no longer offered. Although around 100mm longer, prices are expected to climb slightly for comparable engines. No prices have been confirmed for the seven-seat option, but an insider said prices would compete with the £1200 option in the Hyundai Santa Fe range.

Both five- and seven-seat variants will have broadly the same bootspace, although five seaters will gain additional under-floor storage. The rear doors open to 80 degrees and the rear seats recline and slide, boasting best-in-class rear legroom. 

Although the full range has yet to be confirmed, a source said the range will closely mirror that of the Qashqai. Higher spec models, like the Tekna trim pictured here, will feature 19in alloy wheels, electric leather seats, a full-length, part-sliding sunroof and a powered tailgate.

Nissan confirmed that despite sharing the Qashqai’s platform, the X-Trail will not be built in Sunderland. The plant is running at near capacity, and the forthcoming Infiniti Q30 hatchback will increase plant output further.

The X-Trail is already on sale in North American markets, badged as Rogue. That model features a 170bhp 2.5-litre petrol engine mated to Nissan’s X-Tronic transmission. Nissan has confirmed that engine will not be offered in European models, though.


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9 April 2014
Why oh why don't they give a decent auto option. I see plenty of people towing with the current X-Trail and autos are obviously preferred for towing duties.

Cant imagine its going to win many towing contests with a 1.6 diesel powering the front wheels via an elastic band.

Shame it looks nice.

Think the Santa Fe looks the better buy though.

2.0ltr diesel and a modern tq box with 4wd and I may look again.

9 April 2014
Seen seperately, I wouldn't be able to tell you whether this was a Qashqai or an X-Trail. I remember when Nissan produced a range of fairly distinctive cars: The Micra, the Note, the Qashqai, the X-Trail.... Just look at them now.

9 April 2014
@dukebox9reg: Agreed, I'm always on the look out for what my next tow car is going to be. The old X-trail was right up there, despite its age. The new one isn't even going to chart, It will be passable for smaller 'vans, but it simply doesn't replace the current car in terms of capabilities.

9 April 2014
It's not amber but copper. And those black wheels look terrible. There's a reason SUVs haven't used them before (Evoque excepted).


10 April 2014
Amber? Looks like metallic sludge to me. The car looks like a bigger Qashqai, but that's no bad thing, even if it has lost individuality. Key thing for me will be to determine if the sleek styling has gnawed away at load space - the old/current X-Trial is a lovely big box, with plenty of room for bikes and stuff.

10 April 2014
Although a good looking car, this new X-Trail looks far too similar to the new Qashqai and I have no doubt that it will alienate fans of the current X-Trail which had a distinctive style all of it's own. This certainly doesn't look as practical as the old model.

11 April 2014
I'd like to see the two side by side. Whilst the front styling is very similar I suspect (and hope) they would look quite different next to each other. I would have liked to have seen more interior differentiation, but it still looks a nice place to spend time in. The engines do however concern. I've always seen the X-Trail as having more ability than most soft-roaders, whether that be off-road or towing. A 2.0 diesel with a proper automatic is surely necessary to ensure these abilities aren't diluted. Maybe they'll do an uprated off-road version, like the Trailhawk model in the new Cherokee line up?

11 April 2014
Will86, get yourself on, they had pictures of both cars on before Christmas. You can use to compare both. To my eyes they are very, very similar; the main differences being the lower front valance, the DLR size, rear light design and bonnet line.

11 April 2014
Couldn't find the pictures on but found a comparison by searching nissan x trail v qashqai in google images. Quite a few differences from the front but only when you look closely.

11 April 2014
Basically this is a 7-seat Qashqai or at least a replacement for that.


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