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C70 gets styling cues from S60 concept

Volvo has facelifted the C70 to give it the look of the S60 concept that was unveiled earlier this year. The new car has been unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show.

The refresh consists of redesigned front wings to give the car a wedge shape. New headlamps are angled upwards and larger intakes and larger recesses give the front end more aggression.

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"We have carefully redesigned the front and rear of the car so they harmonise more with the larger Volvo models," said Fedde Talsma, exterior chief designer of Volvo Cars.

At the rear, the C70 gets LED lamps and larger lettering across the boot. A new Flamenco Red Pearl colour has also been introduced.

Inside, the instrument panel has been redesigned and Volvo says better-quality materials have been used.

"We have increased the exclusiveness of the interior materials and trim details to enhance the feeling of luxury," said Talsma.

Engines range from a 134bhp 2.0 diesel to the 227bhp T5 petrol.

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julianphillips 1 September 2009

Re: Facelifted Volvo C70

In fact the T5 is exactly the same as the ST engine according to Wikipedia:

"In 2005 Ford unveiled a hot hatch version of the Mk 2 Focus. Called Focus ST, and available in either three or five door hatchback variant, the car uses the same T5 engine from the Volvo S40/V50 T5 models, a turbocharged 2.5 L 5-cylinder engine producing 225 hp (168 kW; 228 PS)."

And the RS has a tuned version of the same engine: "...the RS was announced by Ford to have a conventional FWD layout with an upgraded Volvo T5 engine with 305PS, gearbox, suspension, and LSD. As announced, the Focus RS MK2 hit the road on 5th of January 2009"

Pretty good credentials.

julianphillips 1 September 2009

Re: Facelifted Volvo C70

I love the 2.5T in the Volvos. Its about 95% the same as the one in the Focus ST isn't it? No-one complains about the ST engine!

The D5 had been revised recently and has been given more power and the other diesels are fine, think they are Peugeot units.

moe360 1 September 2009

Re: Facelifted Volvo C70

why are Volvo still using that 2.5T !!!!, no disrespect its not a bad engine but the competition are way ahead now it terms of efficency and power. BMW, VW, Audi (same as VW i guess), Merc ... the list goes on are making smaller, cleaner faster engines. While Volvo still keep using the same engines from the previous model. Volvo need to invest some of there R&D money into engines and not all on airbags and fancy gadgets