Porsche's new supercar flagship has been launched at Frankfurt today
15 September 2009

This is the new Porsche 911 Turbo, which is faster, lighter, more powerful and sharper than ever. It was launched today at the Frankfurt motor show.

Stuttgart has responded to ever-quicker rivals from Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Nissan with the GT-R by bringing the 911 Turbo bang up to date.

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The current twin-turbo 3.6-litre engine has been ditched in favour of a blown version of the direct-injection 3.8-litre flat six from the Carrera S.

The variable-vane twin turbochargers have been extensively revised to increase responsiveness, and the intercooler and fuel system have been uprated, giving a 20bhp power boost, to 493bhp.

While the current Turbo is supremely surefooted, Porsche is determined to inject more fun into the car. The new Turbo should be more playful, thanks to an overhauled Porsche Traction Management system, which distributes the torque between the front and rear wheels through an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch.

A Porsche insider told Autocar that the changes will “provide more of a sporting flavour” over the old car, with extra throttle adjustability and a more rearward power bias.

Forged alloy wheels, as seen here on the cabrio, will be standard fit on all 911 Turbos. The lightweight 19in RS Spyder rims seen on these coupes will be available as an option.

A six-speed manual gearbox is standard and a seven-speed dual-clutch PDK is optional, with larger clutches and revised ratios compared with the unit used in other 911s.

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For the first time, the 911 gets proper paddle shifters to change gears in PDK models. The paddles are mounted to the back of the steering wheel — right shifts up, left shifts down — and are a no-cost alternative to the flawed double-function shift buttons currently used.

The steering wheel also houses a display showing when Sport, Sport Plus and launch control have been selected through the optional Sport Chrono package. The 911 Turbo now hits 62mph in 3.4sec with PDK (0.3sec quicker than today’s Tiptronic auto) and top speed rises by 2mph, to 194mph.

Despite the extra performance, fuel economy has improved from 22.1mpg to 24.1mpg in the manual and from the Tiptronic’s 20.8mpg to 24.8mpg with PDK. The 911 Turbo goes on sale in November, priced at £101,823 (coupé) and £109, 048 (cabrio).

Ollie Stallwood

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7 August 2009

Anyone get the feeling that Porsche are a tad piqued at the way the GTR has stolen the 911 Turbo's limelight? I wonder what time it will post round the Nurburgring, or lay claim to?

7 August 2009

i would bet money that nissan will match that extra 20bhp with an update almost immediately to give them both 493bhp from their 3.8 v6 engines. all it will take is a few keyboard strokes to remap the ECU and then get the new brochures printed then bingo a marketing boost, and a better time on the ring.

7 August 2009

[quote jskater]Anyone get the feeling that Porsche are a tad piqued at the way the GTR has stolen the 911 Turbo's limelight? I wonder what time it will post round the Nurburgring, or lay claim to?

Nah, not really. The Turbo was one of the last 911’s to receive the updates that bring it into line with the rest of the range, the bigger engine, PDK etc ... Yes that Nurburgring time will be interesting when they release it .. gosh will they need to resort to onboard timing equipment with cameras wot not to prove the validity of the new cars lap time? I wouldn’t think Porsche would need to go to those lengths ... but then, if they didn’t really believe it could do such a time (with the alleged grunt of its engine), then maybe they’d feel compelled to prove it ... Nice color the yellow.

7 August 2009

Wow it looks just like the old 911. Who would have guessed? :D

7 August 2009

The real story here is the changes to the chassis, this is where the 911 will find it's extra pace - especially around the Nurburgring.



It's all about the twisties........

7 August 2009

Performance Specs are always impressive with porsches, but its the same old story with the aesthetics. just some audi borrowed leds here and there.

7 August 2009

"I expect the Ford Focus RS to be quicker on british roads".. nah nah nah... I say it first so discussion can start properly.

It's probably a brilliant car. But a bit on the boring side... from outside.

Behind the steering wheel probably it's going to be a different story, though.

7 August 2009

Man I love this car.

Just wish they put those old skool style Turbo alloys from days of yore.

I don't believe the Nissan GTR times were from a stock car anyway. Even still, it is comedy gold that a stretched Beetle with a couple of extra cylinders still goes into battle against V10 and V12 monsters, and often victorious!


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

7 August 2009

About Time. It's the perfect reposte to the GTR and actually the new GT3, because that was breathing down its neck perfomance wise, & they needed to widen the gap. We all thought that the Ferrari 458 posting 0-62 in 3.4s with near 21mpg was special. Well this does the sprint in the same time with an average of near 25mpg, which is brilliant & shows the efficiency of these turbocharged flat sixes and double-clutch gearboxes. But it means that the 998GT2 cannot possibly be any quicker (& will possible be slower) in the 0-62 category, due to 2WD. Best of all, they have given us propper paddles for the PDK, which will, no doubt, filter down to the Boxster/Cayman. Porsche is still on top! Brilliant.

7 August 2009

This just does nothing to excite me at all, at least with a GT-R you are showing you have some interest in cars and you're not some city boy merchant banker spending his bonus.


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