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200bhp RCZ starts from under £20K
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15 September 2009

This is the Peugeot RCZ, the company's statement of intent to return to its glory days of performance cars like the 205 GTI.

Peugeot’s new Audi TT challenger, which will cost from under £20k when it goes on sale next spring, looks almost indistinguishable from the concept unveiled at the 2007 Frankfurt motor show. It was launched in production form at the Frankfurt motor show today.

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Peugeot RCZ hybrid

The sleek lines and bulging wheel arches recall the classic Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. The Zagato-style double-bubble roof stays and is available in carbonfibre as an option, lowering the centre of gravity and saving weight.

The front bodywork is unusual, with a short clamshell bonnet and an extra-large, wrap-around bumper/grille. At the back, a pop-up spoiler lifts into two different positions, depending on speed.

As part of a personalisation programme, the roof arches can be specified in either black, chrome or ‘satin’; 18in or 19in alloy wheels are available, too.

There are four powertrain options. The flagship model
will use a 200bhp version of the 1.6-litre turbocharged engine
from the Mini Cooper S. It can manage 0-62mph in 7.6sec and
50-75mph in fifth gear in 6.5sec, and go on to more than 140mph.

The motor’s maximum torque is 188lb ft at 1700rpm, but this rises to 203lb ft with overboost.Expect to pay around £25k (the same as a base 197bhp TT) for this top model, which gets a front anti-roll bar to tighten responses and improve agility.

“We want to re-establish our sporting credentials,” a Peugeot source told Autocar. “This is the return to a penchant for dynamic enjoyment.”

The RCZ’s basic structure is shared with ‘Platform 2’ cars such as the 308, but it gets a 20mm ride height reduction, a 40mm lower centre of gravity and wider front and rear tracks to deliver a sharper drive.

A 163bhp 2.0-litre HDi diesel will also be available, delivering 52.3mpg and 139g/km of CO2. All versions get a six-speed manual gearbox; a six-speed auto is offered, but only on the basic 156bhp 1.6-litre petrol model.

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beachland2 8 September 2009

Re: Peugeot RCZ revealed

i dont know if peugeot have revised their prices from reading my disgrace at their projected prices but i have just read in autoexpress that Peugeot says it has big plans for pricing when the car goes on sale early next year, with even the flagship 200bhp 1.6-litre turbocharged model costing less than £20,000.

which is much more like it. now it just needs to seriously revise its performance figures and take a second off the 0-62mph time.

its started to become a rival of the vw sirocco now.

AwakeSpectator 3 September 2009

Re: Peugeot RCZ revealed

For quite sometime now, I have had problems with Peugeot's front grille design. Having said that, the one this particular model has is a lot better; the front of the car itself is quite appealing, quite interesting actually; I, for one, most definitely like the double bubble roof, as they have decided to describe it; the way its tail ends is nice. One thing which I have not been able to like is again the rear wheel arch; I mean, talk about being disproportionately huge. And the one styling decision which I have not been able to understand is the length of its tail starting from the point where the roof ends and the rear section starts, especially considering that the actual design does not even have a folding roof. Considering the actual size of the car, it just continues and continues and continues to the point that it actually starts to look as if had been designed for anther model and mistakenly got attached to this one. The length of the tail really is pretty interesting, but if one was somehow able to get that out of one's mind, the front and the double bubble roof are actually quite appealing. As has been said by the management that it's aimed at male buyers, I can say that the front has the oomph factor, something which I believe should entice male buyers.

The Colonel 19 August 2009

Re: Peugeot RCZ revealed

michael knight wrote:

I appreciate it's a matter of opinion, but:

Let me know of another £20K car with as interesting a rear-end and maybe you'll convince me, but I won't hold my breath.....

I'm not going to try to convince you Michael (so long as you don't expect me to be convinced by a highly stylised photo ;o) ), I'm just very disappointed in it. Anyway, I didn't say the rear wasn't interesting. I find the whole car interesting, perhaps not for the same reasons as you though.

Michael, of course it's all a matter of opinion but my main complaint of the rear is the way they drifted from the concept to something that could easily have been cut and pasted from many a car (not just small coupe) of this decade, concentrating on the lower skirt. There seemed to be nothing about the concept that would have been impossible to see through to production (unless it is down to very tricky packaging around the 308 underpinnings).

The brake light is just unforgiveable, in the manner it was introduced (compared with concept) rather than the need to include one. And because of that sodding brake light they introduce not one, but two shadow gaps that completely ruin the styling of the bootlid when closed. It's broken now, where once it flowed, which is kind of at odds with other features of the car.

jonfortwo wrote:
Coupe`s are a short term fashion statement of the decade they are manufactured in and by default date more so than the average hatchback, witness the Calibra

I take your point Jon, though don't necessarily agee on the Calibra...I find it charmingly enduring, as with the first generation TT, Puma, BMW M Coupe and even Capri. I'm not saying any of them could be passed off as now, they are all very much of their time, but a welcome sight to these eyes.

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