Saab officialy unveils its new flagship saloon; on sale 2010
15 September 2009

Saab has officially launched its new flagship 9-5 saloon, a model vital for the struggling firm’s future, at the Frankfurt motor show.

The new Saab 9-5 will go on sale next year and the Swedish firm claims it will be the most technologically advanced car it has ever produced, with a range of “high-tech” features. It will mark a “new era” for the company, according to its managing director.

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The styling has been inspired by the Aero X concept car, and Saab claims it also draws inspiration from its aviation heritage. It has a low, muscular stance and a dramatically styled wraparound glasshouse. Saab also claims the windshield and roof have been inspired by its classic 900 model.

Simon Padian, Saab brand design chief, said: “We are giving a fresh, very modern expression to some of our classic brand design cues. We have visual themes found in our recent concept cars, such as the Aero X, which are inspired by Scandinavian design and our brand’s aircraft heritage.

Tech highlights on the new 9-5 include an aviation-inspired head up information display, Bi-Xenon high beam adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control, dual-zone climate control and keyless entry and starting.

Saab’s DriveSense adaptive chassis also features, with real-time damping control.

All engines in the range are turbocharged and three fuel types are offered; petrol, diesel and E85 bio ethanol.

The biggest seller is likely to be the 2.0 TiD, which produces 158bhp and 258lb ft of torque. It has combined fuel economy of 53.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 139g/km. Top speed is 134mph, while it can get from 0-62mph in 10.1 secs.

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Other engines in the range include a 1.6T petrol unit, which produces 178bhp and 170lb ft of torque and has CO2 emissions of 179g/km and combined fuel economy of 37.1mpg.

The 2.0T unit is available in both petrol and bio ethanol form, but Saab has only released figures for when it runs on petrol. It produces 217bhp, 258lb ft of torque, has CO2 emissions of 198g/km and combined fuel economy of 33.6mpg.

Completing the line up is the top of the range 2.8T petrol unit, which produces 296bhp and 295lb ft of torque, with CO2 emissions of 269g/km and combined fuel economy of 24.8mpg.

“This car is the start of a new era for our brand,” said Jan-Ake Jonsson, Saab’s managing director. “We have created an advanced and very distinctive product by leveraging the power of our roots in key areas, such as progressive Scandinavian design, sporty driving and responsible performance.

“The new 9-5 delivers in all these respects, as will every future product from Saab.”

Inside, it gets class-leading legroom and its interior space is significantly greater than the outgoing model. Options will include an 8-inch touch screen sat-nav, a Harman Kardon sound system and rear DVD players.

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27 August 2009

If this was a Korean car I'd say they've made a superb effort at a clean and modern design.

However, it's not a Korean car......

27 August 2009

[quote Autocar]The new Saab 9-5 will go on sale next year and the Swedish firm claim it will be the most technologically advanced car it has ever feature produced[/quote]

Two typos in one sentence. I assume Haymarket has been laying off sub-editors during these recessionary times? It might seem pedantic, but I rarely come across any Autocar online story or blog these days that isn't littered with typos, errors or poor punctuation.

27 August 2009

As a former Saab owner I'd say the exterior at least looks fine but why do they keep up with the very dated interior style that has been with them for decades now. No one is really buying into that fighter jet cockpit guff anymore and the photo seems to show the same dreadful plastics (especially around the vents/binnacle etc) as you find in the 9-3.

27 August 2009

I think it looks brilliant from the outside, a proper SAAB. The diesel engine sounds impressive too, especially the low CO2 emissions. Whilst I like the look of the interior, it would've been good to see it being more similar to the concepts, with their glassy finish, rather than the same-again black/grey plastics. The dials look good though. I'll wait to see it in the metal inside and out, but at the moment I think it looks promising.

27 August 2009

Looks boring like all Saabs...

27 August 2009

My God ! I agree with TopKat ! looks boring

27 August 2009

This car defines dull.

27 August 2009

Nice enough but after waiting so long for the new 9-5 I was expecting a little more than this.

This doesn't move things on much at all and I can't see much to temp Audi/BMW drivers, except the fact that it isn't an Audi or BMW.

27 August 2009

[quote Topkat]Looks boring like all Saabs...[/quote] I drove the prototype round Thruxton and can reveal this new Saab piston slaps like a bitch. The 2.8t can trace its roots back to the mk4 Allegro and has more grunt than a 911 gt3 between 1000 and 1400 rpm. this car showcases new diff technology where 100% of power can be switched between the front wheels enabling the 9-5 to be driven one wheel drive for up to 100 miles allowing tyre wear to be cut on one of the front wheels


27 August 2009

So it's a reskinned Vauxhall with a longer wheelbase. How much extra are they gonna charge for it? Actually, who cares!


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