So now we get to see the new Saab 9-5 from every conceivable angle, thanks to an exclusive Autocar photo shoot, from which you can see the pictures by clicking here.

It is the start of a new beginning for Saab - and it could be the start of something big thanks to a lucky co-incidence of timing.

Saab went into bankruptcy protection with three new cars virtually ready for the showroom. The new 9-5 saloon and Mexican-built 9-4x SUV are more or less finished and the dramatically styled 9-5 wagon is in the final stages of engineering.

Saab suffered from a desperate lack of new models over the last decade partly due to self-inflicted problems (the launch of the 9-3 SportWagon was delayed because Saab overspent on the 9-3 saloon) but also because appalling luck under GM control.

GM bosses cancelled at least four new Saab models - three of them SUVs - at the point of them being committed for production. The fourth canned model was intended as a replacement for the ageing 9-5. It grew out of Saab’s co-operation with Alfa Romeo and was binned because it wasn’t based on GM components.