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Disguised image revealed using Photoshop technology

Autocar can reveal the full extent of the styling of Citroen's Frankfurt motor show concept car.

This is possible because the darkened official teaser picture, released by Citroen today, can be significantly lightened using Photoshop technology.

Although no details of the concept car have been released, it clearly draws on the Citroen 2CV's design. That has led to speculation that the concept showcases a small city car project, possibly previewing the styling of the next Citroen C1.

See the Citroen concept car in full detail

Citroen is also known to be pushing ahead with bringing hybrid technology to the market, and this could also be highlighted by the concept.

The first Citroen production cars to go on sale with hybrid powertrains will be the larger DS models, the DS4 and DS5. They will use the same hybrid system as Peugeot, which will launch the technology first, on its hybrid 3008.

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Squonk61 8 September 2009

Re: Citroen concept car revealed

230SL wrote:
More Renault 4CV to me with its bustle back, who cares it looks just like another dressed up retro lifestyle statement, unlike the Cactus prototype which I really liked.

Tend to agree, the Cactus is rather fun - although this looks intriging for some reason - perhaps it is the 4CV rear. .

Would dearly love to see a modern take on the deuche, although might not insist on the egg/ field test!

And the beetle was round and bubble like - the deuche, if you remember started with a Aussie roof for a bonnet...

A R Chen 8 September 2009

Re: Citroen concept car revealed

Another teaser photo!

If the photo is to be believed, I would think this car is definitely longer than anything in the C1/107 Class. Not sure if I can agree it looks anything like a Fiat 500 or heaven forbid, a Renault 4, but I would be really curious to see which class or niche this new model is aimed at.

Ok I admit that my curiosity has been aroused ..........

nickbowman 8 September 2009

Re: Citroen concept car revealed

Autocar wrote:
it clearly draws on the Citroen 2CV's design

erm no. Not an ounce (or even a gram) of 2CV in this concept. Don't let the Citroen press office pull the wool over your eyes. And I bet it couldn't cross a field without breaking an egg.