Currently reading: Ford to launch mild-hybrid Fiesta and Focus in 2020
New models will feature 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine mated to 48V mild-hybrid unit and part of major electrification project
James Attwood, digital editor
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26 March 2019

Ford will launch mild-hybrid versions of the Fiesta and Focus in 2020, as part of the start of a “significant” electrification programme.

The two models will be launched at an event next week alongside mild-hybrid versions of its Transit van and Tourneo people mover. Ford also says it will reveal “significant electrification, commercial vehicle and SUV news” at the event, which will include a “diverse family of electrified powertrain solutions”.

Ford has previously announced that every vehicle it launches in the future, including new nameplates and new versions of existing models, will be offered with a mild-hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or battery-electric powertrain.

Named the Fiesta Ecoboost Hybrid and Focus Ecoboost Hybrid, the two models will feature Ford’s 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine mated to a 48V belt-driven starter motor. The use of that system, which can deploy extra electrically generated torque under acceleration, has allowed Ford engineers to fit a larger turbocharger.

While Ford has not yet given performance figures for the power unit, it says the Fiesta has anticipated CO2 emissions of 112g/km, with a fuel economy of 57.6mpg. It anticipates the Focus will achieve CO2 emissions of 106g/km and a fuel economy of 60.1mpg. These figures are NEDC-correlated numbers produced on the WLTP test cycle.

The two vehicles join the existing Mondeo Hybrid.

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FRI2 26 March 2019

So Ford is finally building a

So Ford is finally building a Prius...too late.

Mikey C 26 March 2019

These mild hybrid systems

These mild hybrid systems seem to be popular with manufacturers who's fallen behind a bit and need SOMETHING with "hybrid" in it to advertise

That Ford need to promote something like this a YEAR ahead of launch shows that it's being driven by the need for good headlines

LP in Brighton 26 March 2019

Not all hybrids are created equal

My car has the old Honda IMA system. It's very good within its limitations, bringing with it roughly a 10% fuel consumption benefit for relatively little extra weight and cost. But it's nowhere near as good as a diesel with its huge advantage in thermal efficiency and more energy dense fuel...

Toyota's heavier, more costly HSD system gives bigger benefits. But this is not just because of its more powerful hybrid system, but also because of the combination of this, the Atkinson Cycle combustion engine and the e-CVT transmission. Ford at least had the good sense to install this license-built Toyota system into the Mondeo hybrid!    


Neo32 26 March 2019

More info

A current 1L ecoboost Fiesta has a CO2 rating of 107-113 (manual) and 127-130 (auto). 

A current 1L ecoboost Focus has a CO2 rating of 107-111 (manual) and 126-128 (auto)

A Toyota Corolla Hybrid has a CO2 rating of 76-89

It will be interesting to understand why the new Fiesta (112) /Focus (106) Hybrid's have such a reletively high CO2 rating, and why the Focus is lower than the Fiesta (battery size?)