Currently reading: Ford Focus RS UK allocation increases due to huge demand
The 4000 units available initially have sold out, but Ford is currently negotiating to bring around 1000 more cars into the UK

The Ford Focus RS is in such demand in the UK that the car maker is looking to put an extra 1000 units on sale.

The initial allocation, believed to be around 4000 units, is already sold out but Ford is still taking orders and currently negotiating with other European markets to increase its production for the UK.

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In order to offer more units to the UK, Ford must take some models away from other markets in Europe because its Germany plant is already at maximum capacity, but the manufacturer believes this will not be an issue.

Ford had, however, previously suggested that the first 4000 units would be the only ones available to the UK – as was the case with previous Focus RS models – but after unprecedented demand for an RS product, it is now rethinking its position.

Ford confirmed customers are still able to place an order for the Focus RS and that it wanted to make sure it could supply the demand from customers.

Its popularity has also resulted in an eight-month wait for deliveries of the car. Some buyers could face longer waits, however, with one Autocar reader who recently ordered a Focus RS being told by their local dealer to expect a wait of 12-14 months.

The rest of Europe will receive 4000 units – as with the Mk2 Focus RS – but Ford predicts North America to be its biggest single market, with close to 10,000 units already sold.

The UK has been the largest market for the previous Focus RS models, but Ford says it’s different for the new Mk 3 Focus RS because it’s the first time the car has been available globally. The new Mk3 has sold twice as many units as the Mk2 when compared with the same period in the UK.

Ford has enjoyed a surge in demand across its performance models in Europe, resulting in a six-month wait for the new Mustang.

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