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Pictures of tweaked five-door hatchback and four-door saloon released

The first pictures of the US-spec Ford Fiesta have leaked on to the internet.

The car is due to be unveiled at tomorrow's Los Angeles Auto Show. It will be sold in in America as a five-door hatchback and a four-door saloon.

See the US-spec Ford Fiesta pictures here

Minor changes to the car's styling have been made for the American market, including a slightly different upper grille design and reshaped front and rear bumpers.

Full details of the car's launch will be revealed tomorrow.

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Zeddy 1 December 2009

Re: First pics: US-spec Ford Fiesta

Are they calling it Fiesta in the US too?

That dash looks helluva shiny.

theonlydt 1 December 2009

Re: First pics: US-spec Ford Fiesta

Mart_J wrote:
Can't wait to see HyundaiSmoke's reponse, in your view beaten by a Clio!

Heh - a stretched Clio at that! The accent/rio are from the days of the Hyundai/Kia producing properly crap cars, any defence of them is very misplaced. The Versa's not exactly a wonderful product, but it's not terrible. At least based on the Clio you'd hope for good crash protection.

The engine range at the moment is the 1.6 120bhp petrol engine, available in manual and "powershift" (the automatic option), for whoever it was asking.

Thanks for your insight into seat design - I found I got nicely comfortable in the UK version, but never drove for more than 30 minutes at a time. Seat comfort and positioning is incredibly important to me due to a shoddy back. Apparently the Versa's very good, but having been given a lift in someone's brand new 09 accent (they were so proud, sad really) I can tell you that the Accent's seats remind me of the plastic chairs in schools!

Mart_J 1 December 2009

Re: First pics: US-spec Ford Fiesta

theonlydt wrote:
Ford - please, please, please tell me you haven't f***ed this one up.
Sadly, looks they have....the pic on the front page made me go WTF is that monstrosity? The rest just looks like a Fiesta that's been through the Xerox. Seems like the thing to do of late. All I ask from Ford are 3 things: 1- Improve your seat design. I know they haven't because I know the design team. 2 - Sort out the high speed noise as the one's I've been unfortunate to use have all suffered excessive wind noise and creaks and squeaks making such a symphony that it was nigh-on unbearable at higher (Continental motorway speeds). 3 - Improve the quality of the dashboard as the last one used to creak and wobble all the time.
theonlydt wrote:
The restyled bumpers are because of a silly, outdated law on bumper design in the US.
- only introduced to make US cars more competitive, or in laymen's terms, give them a competitive advantage, much like the twin headlight law. And look what that has caused on many previously beautiful European cars.
theonlydt wrote:
Kia Rio (crap), Hyundai Accent (really crap)
- Can't wait to see HyundaiSmoke's reponse, in your view beaten by a Clio!