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Fenix Automotive - Lee Noble's new company - shows off the first pics of its new supercar
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8 January 2010

Fenix Automoive has revealed the first official pictures of its all-new supercar.

Fenix is the brainchild of former Noble boss Lee Noble and its first car will be launched in the UK in the second half of the year. The prototype is currently being built in South Africa and development will switch to the UK imminently.

Official Fenix supercar pics

Noble is pitching the car as the spiritual successor to the iconic M12, describing it as a “natural, but even more focused” follow up to that car.

“The M12 was hugely successful, but we needed to move the game on in terms of design,” said Noble. “The new car’s styling owes nothing to what I’ve done before and has quite literally been a ‘clean sheet’ exercise from the start. It’s edgy, with powerful lines, and aerodynamically will be in another league to any of my previous cars.”

Fenix will offer the 1200kg supercar with a choice of two engines, with the flagship being GM’s 6.2-litre LS9 V8 engine from the Corvette ZR1. Equipped with this 638bhp engine, Fenix claims its car will get from 0-100mph in less than seven seconds and go on to reach more than 200mph.

The other engine on offer will be a LS3 V8 GM unit, which is good for 480bhp. Early price indications from Fenix claim the car will cost around £70,000.

Noble says he is looking forward to testing Fenix’s first car in the UK.

“Our first prototype is now in build and development will start in around one month’s time,” he said. “We’ll be hot-weather testing the first prototype on the mountain roads around Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where the car will be manufactured. But I’m itching to get the car back to the UK where I can set it up on roads I know well.”

Initially Fenix will produce around 60 or 70 cars a year, but Noble envisages a capacity of up to 500 per year when sales start in America, Japan and other overseas markets.

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Apex Twin 10 January 2010

Re: First pics: Noble's Fenix supercar

Personally, I think it looks the dog's danglies (although it's probably CGI). Then again, Lee's old creations were hardly lookers and - I suspect - bought for the engineering quality of the chassis and the resultant drive, rather than aesthetics. So if this new Fenix looks half as good as the pics, and drives even 25% better than, say, a M12 GTO 3R for not much more folding, then Lee will have got a major result.

kdwilcox 6 January 2010

Re: First pics: Noble's Fenix supercar

I am not at all sure that the new Noble supercar

can pull it off.

When it comes out and Autocar do a road test the

first thing many will say is,is it as good as the


It will have to be one hell of a car to come near it let alone beat it,

ok the price will not be the same but i wonder how Lee will feel

if people say well its not as good because its a lot cheaper.

I think he would not be to happy,after all i think it would be fair

to say that he wants to show everyone that he knows what he

is doing unlike the new owners of the old Noble company.

My self i don't think he can do it.

kcrally 6 January 2010

Re: First pics: Noble's Fenix supercar

i like the mclaren mp-4. how much is it again ?